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  1. Thanks very much for everyones help... I wrote back appealing to their human side and was let off the ticket Goes to show that sometimes the best defence is a polite letter explaining the circumstances! Thanks again for the help.
  2. Ok I guess I'll just pay up and learn from the mistake in that case I'm emmigrating to Canada permanently and am so pleased to be getting away from double-edged sword situations like this (I have the money but not in an acceptable format to the machines provided). Seeing what they have over there and what we have to put up with here has made me realise a lot. Thanks very much for your help though everyone
  3. Ok so none of the above is applicable as far as the wording on the ticket goes? Thanks for the advice.
  4. Hi All Been reading the forums for a couple of days trying to find out what an Excess Charge Notice is? Is it the same as a PCN and therefore goverened by the same rules? I was issued the ticket, on my windscreen by Huntingdonshire District Council (at least that's the emblem at the top of the ticket)... I had failed to pay and display as the machines offer no change and so to save 40p I stupidly I went to the shop across the road to get change, 3 minutes later I have a ticket. In any case, do I have any grounds? I read somewhere on the forum that the PCN: 1. Must show at
  5. Tell me about it GeorgeUK! I have no idea what this is but the Police seemed to think it was leaning more towards ID fraud as I was not getting any of the statements, account opening details, etc etc. They seem to think they way that mail has suddenly started filtering through means that the fraudster may have had a PO box that the post was being sent to. Yes I have emmigrated but I am back for a short period of time (until January) which is why I was hoping to get this resolved as soon as poss! It worries me that they haven't sent me any credit agreeements, all I have from them is
  6. Thanks very much to both of you - so I need to ask for the CCJ to be set aside and not the CO? Oh I see now, the CO is as a result of the CCJ so I go for the CCJ. I contacted the police, you won't believe the response (or maybe you will!). They told me that I am not the victim of the crime, have you ever heard anything so absurd??!!! According to them it's the financial institution that's the looser and so unless they report it there has been no crime commited in the eyes of the law How stupid.
  7. Does anyone have any idea what to do in this case and how to deal with this being that I am a victim of ID fraud? If it's the same as setting aside I am happy to do that just need to know which path to take (not sure if being the victim of ID fraud means I should be asking to have the charging order thrown out completely - is that the same as setting aside? Thanks very much
  8. Hi All! I could really do with some help... I discovered I was the victim of either ID fraud or mistaken ID. I personally think it was the former, ID fraud because there was a deliberate attempt to ensure none of the correspondance for any of the accounts got to me. It was only by pure luck that some of the debt collection letters started to get through to me that I found out! The full details of what happened are in the thread below (just in case anyone wants to know what happened).. Urgent help needed please - MoneySavingExpert.com Forums Since then, I have sent SAR's to all t
  9. Oh wow, so so much information from everyone! Thanks so much. I popped on here to let everyone know I am still updating this thread and it's not something that's going to die off easliy. Will be back on Monday to update and respond. Have a lovely weekend all of you in the mean time as I need to get some fresh air to clear my head a little from all this!
  10. Thanks for the advice to both of you. Yes I was so shocked when I called the Police and they told me I wasn't the victim of the crime! I asked if I could at least report it to show I have tried to do something about it and they said they couldn't as it was a civil matter. I did take the badge number and officers name though so I will include that in any correspondence with the courts. Mean time I am sending the Subject Access Requests in today so hopefully I will be able to see who signed for these and what ID they used, etc. Any other advice would be appreciated as I only hav
  11. Hi thanks for the reply, yes I contacted the police straight away, they said as I was not the victim of the crime (the financial institution is as they are the ones forced to loose the money) they cannot file a report for me. At present they view this as a civil matter would you believe?! The amount of matters that are now deemed 'civil' makes me wonder what exactly is a crime!!!
  12. Hi to all I hope you can help I am going out of my mind with worry about this one. I believe I have been the victim of Identity Fraud (if such a thing actually exists?!). I have lived at the same address for about 11 years now, renting up to about 2 and a half years ago when my mum and I decided to buy the house on a joint mortgage. Unfortunately we fell out, I moved out to live with my girlfriend but I continued to pay the mortgage and so didn't move any of my accounts. I would collect my post every now and again from my mums house (locked postbox outside) and as I have a very sever
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