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  1. I have been in touch with them online, over the phone and they don't wanna listen, they don't even want to confirm CEO email address not give me customer services email address. Have emailed CEO this morning, we will see how far this would go.
  2. Hi. I was on last 3 months of sim only contract, got in touch with Vodafone on the chat to get new device. Was told that they will put me on 24 month contract with iPhone 7 for £60/month with £9 discount, so I would pay £51 for 24 months, was happy with that so agreed to it. 'The other deal I have is for you, The deal is 24 months Apple iPhone 7 128GB (PRODUCT)RED Data 16GB, Minutes and text Unlimited, Take your home plan abroad Vodafone Global Roaming With the line rental of £60 and with the discount it will be £51. With the upfront cost of £100 and for you it will be £
  3. Hi. I had a job for an employment agency. Last week I had a call from an another employment agency with better job offer. I have accepted it, start from Monday, was told where to go, who to contact this morning. I did go there and was told that they don't know nothing about me coming there and really they don't need no more people there. So I lost the job I had, this was ongoing job, it would last another few weeks, no I have no work at all because of that. is there anything I could do to recover money I have lost because someone is sending me to the places where there is no work, we talking h
  4. I will explain it all when I get home from work, too comlicated and long story.
  5. I'm getting confused with all that. Why would they pay him CIS and VAT before? It was all fine until March I think, they used to pay him all the money and than they stopped paying him at all. So they own him about 20 k, he said to them that all he want from them is the VAT from those invoices. They never came back to him.
  6. As far as I'm aware all the jobs he was doing for them were refrubishment work and extensions.
  7. Just seen his invoice and he have on it Total: let say invoice was for £3900, Cis 20% £780 Vat £780 plus materials £300 so they should pay him £4200 but they did't. They paid him £3420 only. As far as I can see from this what he told me his accountant is not very good in sortong thinks like that. Thats why he ask me if I could try to find out how to get it sorted. I know this boards are very good thats why I ask question here
  8. Unfortunately he invoiced them for labour, CIS (those two were paid) and VAT was't included so they paid labour and CIS, VAT is not paid. He did send them and email saying that he will be getting legal advice on this. I'm pretty sure his VAT is due now or anytime soon and he does't wanna pay it from his own pocket. Any chance to get this sorted with HMRC without paying it?
  9. Hi. My friend have a problem, he is VAT registered. He used to work for company that did't pay him VAT for last few invoices, they paid him CIS but not VAT. Is there anyway to avoid paying this from his pocket without taking company to court?
  10. How long do they have to respond to dispute letter? Is there any time limit?
  11. They responded to my SAR by sending me all the informations I did't want. They did send me tax calculation for few years back, nothing about tax credits.
  12. Hi again. I did dispute the oberpayment at the end of October. How long do they have to respond to dispute letter? It there any timeframe they have to follow?
  13. Ok. We will get it soon or later. Never know how long it will take. I was waiting once ober 6 months for Home Office to respond to my SAR
  14. I will post the scan of agreement tonight. Well I did refer to section 79 in the letter. They also send him back £1 PO
  15. hello again he did get response today to the CAA request that has been send to motonova: "Request pursuant to Section 77 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974 Thank you for your request for information in line with section 77 of lhe Consumer Credit Act. This agreement does not have any futher payments now or in the future, so section 77 does not apply, Under section 77(3)(a) of the Act the requirement to comply only applies to "an agreement under which a sum is or will or may become payable by the debtor, This agreement does not falI into that category " l ha
  16. Hi. I work on construction site, main contractor decided that tomorrow we have to finish 12 o'clock. His workers are getting full day pay, I work for sub-contractor and because I'm self-employed I was told I will be only paid for 4 hours while few guys working for the same sub-contractor on cards are paid full day. Isn't discrimination?
  17. Told him about CCA today, he will do it. Thanks
  18. He does't have agreement. He is looking for all the paperwork. SAR is probably the only way to get it from them. I will get him to do it and than report back. He said to me that he was told if he give them the car keys they would't ask for more money from him.
  19. repo was from road I will to try to find out from him who was the repo agents
  20. thanks dx I did speak with him and he said that they repossessed the car during the night, he has the keys but there were his tools in the car and they said they will give him tools back for the keys. he still have log book
  21. well I'm thinking about anything they could do. can't see explaination for this amount, it has been debited from nowhere. will see him today so he maybe able to tell me more about it, maybe more paperwork related to the case.
  22. I will have to ask him how did that happen as I'm not sure. don't you think that this 6920.22 is charge for parking of the car while they were trying to sell it? when you add up all payments and write-offs it comes to 20128.52 that he paid and the debt was for 19356.72
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