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  1. im not too worried about getting credit in the future to be honest a mortgage eventually would be good but my financial income in 5 years is going to be a very different story to what it is now so i shouldnt need credit, just keep those fingers crossed, i have been told some of the things i got now i may be able to keep like my kays that i dont owe money to if they wish to keep my account open, and at least my bank (rbs !!!!!!!!!) are going to let me keep all my accounts open as i dont owe them anythings and have been a customer for 11 years. got the forms in hand now just need to start getting them filled out so i can sit back and relax a while
  2. can i ask why none of my bills from my previous address ie phone bills, electricity etc(my meter was a duff and always gave me more leccy than what the power cards should have gave me) are showing up on my credit file as it stands on my credit file at least 3/4 of my debt has totally disappeared, yes about half of it is definately statute barred and doesnt even show on my credit file yet still get letters in about it seriously its like 8 years old. and now to top it off ive got to do two years financial statements for tax credits and one of my chilminding agreements was cash payments and never got receipts for although t.c did confirm at the time with the childminder my kids were there argh now feel like the world is conspiring against me and i know there are discrepencies in my t.c because my depression and stuff i was late making changes to my details sometimes to my advantage most times not but i bet they only going to concentrate on the times it was to my advantage !!!!!
  3. ouch doesnt sound good at all im with you there on the food bills, i pay about 600 month for me and 3 kids under 7 for our shopping bills saying that its by no means junk food its always good as i dont smoke or drink or go out or buy magazines my life is work kids and housework so i think i should be able to eat well, its a joke but when i got an assessment done from the cccs they have an allowance for things like magazines etc and i was like well i dont read them but they say your entitled to have a few wee luxuries i suppose to stop you going mad!!!!!
  4. i pay 135 month direct debit for my gas and electric and im in a new house rated a and all my appliances are rated aa im out every day at work and my kids are at nursery my mum has them two nights a week cause i work late them days and were always out and about at weekends i hate a hot house so the heating is never on and im a single mum i think the energy companies are screwing us all
  5. just a small note on this i used a going places visa card to register as a seller so if there was any problems there would be no come back as previously two expensive dresses went missing in transit and rm and paypal even though i had proof of postage it doesnt mean jack even though buyer hadnt paid for special delivery just normal postage i did it for my own peace of mind paypal still opted in buyers favour so a £160 dress and £80 actual ebay price down argh oh and ive been stung as a buyer too i paid 250 via paypal id been withdrawing money for months out my bank account toopping up my paypal account for crimbo for a mobile phone that never turned up by the time they agreed enough time had passed the seller had cleared their account and all i got back was £105, same crimbo my mum got stung £360 for an xbox package she got back the full amount difference being her credit card picked up the shortfall straight onto her card and they took to chasing paypal/whoever its a risky game and not as safe as they make out, even though i use my paypal account for more than just ebay
  6. the 1st locate team have been looking at my credit file at my old adress but havent contacted me at my new address i looked up my credit file today and they viewed in august strange as i have never heard from them and dont have a clue what tey were looking for but my old address no longer exists, what i did note on my credit file was details about my mobile phone contract as i also have other products from them too so it wouldnt take a genmius to access what network im with and get my number argh!!!!!! ive now taken to getting people to tell me my personal details when they phone i refuse to give oput any info over the phone the other day i got a call to upgrade my contract when i said when is it due for renewal they said two months when in fact is 14 as its a 2 year contact god only knows who it was calling
  7. just wanted to add my friend goes by the alias of sue perb her oh got her a nectar card with that name on it then the clubcard then the boots card and lo and behold when the phone got cut off they got the cabel on in the name of sue perb roll on two years and sue perb has been paying a utility bill for two years now a laugh at the time but realistically if they wanted to what else could they do if they wanted to
  8. yeah any government owed money is exepmt from statute barred ive had it checked by an idependant financial adviser and no i didnt pay for it my employere pay for a great company healthcare scheme that includes solicitors etc,
  9. just a thought why are the letters always opened i cant understand or without envelopes???? is there anyway someone is getting to the mail before you guys are your letters delivered through the door or outside in a post box is maybe someone going through and taking out the stuff they want and ignoring the stuff they dont, does no one know who the previous tennant is have you tried tracking him down to his new address old works address as i know this option works as a flat mate left and ran up loads of debt i forwarded it to her old employers who through her references forwarded it on to her new employers didnt hear anything more after that, also if he still has mates round where you are, try saying you got a cheque through the postand wanted to forward it on more likely to get a response then forwarding the debt to him, some of the stuff i used to get was unbeleivable especially the porn!!!!! yes an annual subscription paid up in full for the previous tennant i even got the odd free dvd through , not my doing my male friends recognise one of the envelopes one time and opened it !
  10. government money is exempt from statute barring im being charged from 1999 and theres nothing you can do about it, just have to come to some sort of arrangement my wages are about to be arrested each month but its not as much as i was paying the dca they use, and im on less money working than benefits but still liable but thats a court ruling fortunately here in scotland bailifs dont usually come calling, this site is good, getting some great advice but my situation is alot different as other debts involved too just so long as you havent really got any assets ie car etc theres not alot they can do theres certain exemptions about what court bailifs can and cannot remove from a property
  11. even if the c tax is in both your names as a student your not liable my pal and her hubby split up and he had not paid 4 years council tax when she had been at uni and she was paying it back in installmetns when she qualified and they split up recently and she stopped paying and got nasty letters but as soon as she showed them copies that she had been exempt at the time she has been dismissed of it all oh and you can backdate up to 3 years in scotland dont know how far in england but imagine the same ive put in a backdated claim and managed to get 3,000/10,000 of my council tax bill slashed, but they still putting an arrestment on my wages but they made a boob and sent it to the wrong company !!!!!! the got the right plc but the worng business within the company who will send it back saying i dont work for them so another month or so free before they start taking money off me , p.s im also a single mum of 3 and on less than minimum wage as an apprentice
  12. by the way as a student in scotland and im sure its the same in england you were not liable for any council tax and only your ex was he was responsible to pay the full amount regardless of whether your a cpl or not!!!!! get a student exemption form filled out and submitted immediately its his debt not yours students are exempt from FULL council
  13. i would have thought that given the fact a vehicle has to be insured etc even if u hadnt informed the dvla of ur change of address a letter from the court would have been issues and possibly a summons which would mean them doing a full dvla check??? at the end of the day its the car they trace not the driver!!!!!!! and dont you have to get a road tax renewal sent to the adress where the vehicle is registered!!! i think someone at their end didnt do their homework properly by the sounds of it when i moved house my parking ticket followed me within weeks and i didnt even update my drivers licence adress for another 4 years after that(was on a provisional and didnt bother changing details till i eventually could be bothered sitting my test)
  14. are u in the forces???? just wondering when u say where u were if you can talk to them they might offer some assistance surely they have solicitors and stuff to help people out especially if u been active
  15. many of mine are missing too although i dont think anyone would take kindly to giving me a loan lol
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