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  1. Hi all, Got a problem with the cycle to work scheme, is anyone here any good with this that can help me out? Basically, the total cost of the goods on the supplier website at discounted rate should equal £643.03. over the 18 months of the scheme that should be, by my reckoning £35.72 we pay per month. Missus just had her wages today, and they have taken out £50.56, and having re-checked the agreement this is correct - but it cant be right? Firstly they have taken that £50.56 from her NET pay Secondly, if we pay that amount each month, we end up paying £910 and that is
  2. Thanks both, will send the letter Monday. debt4get, had a feeling that may be the case........
  3. Hi all, sent the letter above to Cabot some time ago, and all went quiet. Today I have had a letter from FIRE (Financial Investigation and Recoveries) "Notification of Instruction to Collect" So,Im guessing thst means Cabot have given up and send it elsewhere, do I now have to go through all this again with FIRE?? Should I start by CCAing them? Crapbot clearly didnt have a proper credit agreement, so I doubt if these people will.......
  4. See my Cabot thread, just had the VERY SAME letter from our mate Jamie (hi there!!) And my credit "agreement" is very similar to yours..... Glad to see others are having the same cack as me, united we stand folks! Subscribed to your thread Good luck with it!
  5. lol, brilliant, spoilt for choice now! I can see their faces reading that, best chuckle I've had in ages!!
  6. Thanks harrasedsenior, I'm beginning to have a vague understanding of the legal stuff!!
  7. There is, someone here will tell you exactly what it is, after that you send them a letter to put the account in dispute. Lowell had to back down on two accounts they claimed I owed them oin, but could not produce the agreement. Until they send it, they have nothing.
  8. Reading through the letter, and trying my hardest to understand the legal jargon, am I right in thinking that an enforceable agreement should itself contain all the prescribed terms on the actual document, and not just in any t and c's, attached or otherwise? I do not recall ever being given a letter or anything else which stated a credit lkimit for the card.
  9. edited last post, cerebusalert, my thanks. the t and cs the sent with the above document do contain a table showing the APR, but I see no credit limit set out nor any of the other terms. Woul it help if I post them up? Again, thanks, it was starting to get on top of me.
  10. If Im wasting my time with arguing with them over this folks, I'd rather someone tell me. I can then at least try to negotiate with them and put this to bed....... it's getting to me now, not sure I have got any fight left to be honest.......
  11. I've moved this from another thread so it relates to the right bunch of sharks........ Following advice from Silverfox and others here, I CCA'd Cabot for an old Providian CC account. I got the following in reply: Here you go: Interesting I cant read the name of the provider at the bottom?? But Providian is mentioned in the signature box. Also, the T&Cs provided are from Monument, who were not the original providers, I think this was a Style store card. Again, following advice from Silverfox, I disputed the materisl they sent with the template from this for
  12. I checked the sticky about enforceable agreements, and it says all of the following should be present and clearly stated: The Pescribed Terms are these A Amount of credit A term stating the amount of credit B Repayments A term stating how the debtor is to discharge his obligations under the agreement to make the repayments, which may be expressed by reference to a combination of any of the following- (a) Number of repayments; (b) Amount of repayments; © Frequency and timing of repayments; (d) Dates of repayments; (e) The manner in which any of the a
  13. hi all, another update!! Finally received a reply from Crapbot who have accused me of trying to avoid the debt!!!!! Cheeky sods!! letter below, any ideas how to proceed with this now? the credit agreement again. This time they have sent another lot of t and cs over which do have providian printed on them, but I still dont know if thery relate to that reply card? Thanks in advance for your help folks!
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