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  1. it may be worth checking your account, i also won my case against egg, they didnt send me a letter telling me about the refund it just appeared on my credit card balance i only checked by accident and the money had been refunded a few weeks previously, the letter informing me of this came quite a few weeks later
  2. hi wayout it seem that they do what they please i had the amount claimed plus 8% interst back on my card and then 2 weeks later a cheque for compensation of a few hundred pounds good luck with yours
  3. thanks for the replys both amazingly barclays sent a letter saying they had credited my account with the full amount owed so i hot footed down to barclays and got the lot!!!!!!!!!!!!! My Oh still waiting to see what will happen to his as we won on the same day but no news yet. im glad to know that they can only have the arrears because if so hes in for a nice windfall. im so glad i found this forum cant tell you how much easier i have slept since, as they say knowledge is power!
  4. evening all, just had news from the fos that ive won against barclays which im REALLY happy about however weve had to enter into a dmp just wondered if any of you guys knew whether we might get the refund or will it be set off against the loan? im expecting the worst lol knowing the trouble ive had with barclays i wont be seeing a penny never mind though at least it will bring down the debt suppose you could say its win win
  5. hi livis i left it to the fos to decide whether it was pre selected or not but i already had a fair idea that it was after reading around the other egg cases and it turned out that it was, had a lovely cheque from egg the other day compensation awarded by the fos so im not quite so angry now aa i have complained to the fos regarding interest hike they said that my ppi complaint may have highlighted that my account needed reviewing and that they were within their rights to hike up the apr so nothing i can do
  6. just had my cheque beachy as well as a little surprise of £200 compensation from egg 6 months from start to finish i only wish i had gone to the fos sooner
  7. thanks for the advice looby we have decided to go with a dmp for the time being which will give us time to breath i think, we were then going to write off to see what happens in response to cca requests with the hope of a reduced f & f on some of the accounts, i feel a bit less stressed now anyway and im so glad i have the backup of this forum
  8. quick update money refunded to my credit card account no contractual interest received.
  9. thanks for the reply i think a fair few of the agreements may be unenforceable due to the reading ive done on this site quite a lot of the credit cards were taken out around 2000 - 2003 as were the loans its just the thought of challenging them its a really terrifying thought bit like bankruptcy, i thought the iva may be a good road for us to take becaue at least then id be paying something back.
  10. im not sure if this is the correct forum to post in but here goes anyway, my husband and i have approx £65,000 of unsecured debt, there is no equity in our property thanks to us naively taking out a consolidation loan thinking it would help, we have taken a huge drop in income in the last year and now cant afford to pay our debts, we have no money left over and cant even meet the minimum payments this month, im in the middle of claiming back ppi which i had hoped would ease the stress a bit. we really are in the depths of hell at the moment i was just wondering what the general advice would
  11. totally agree with you, im in the same situation with egg having won my case they have said it will take eight weeks to pay back the money just makes me even angrier!!!
  12. hi beachy my experience with egg exactly the same as yrs all standard i think, i have just won my case with the fos and am waiting on the cheque id say just go straight to the fos as i wasted a good few months playing letter ping pong with them and they didnt change their stance at all mine was an online application from 2003 and the ppi was pre selected same real time app as you though good luck
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