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  1. This is magistrate. More serious than civil claim, bailiffs have more power. Doubt you can apply to SJA. I'd pay and dispute it afterwards. They should accept your offer. If a van turns up, just don't let them in. Ask for a breakdown of fees.
  2. Jeez i well and truly have been ganged up on here! Well, i did infact post a response to the original OP, so i don't think i should be sent to the stocks just yet. As for defence, yep i do maybe stick up for HCEOs. I find the fact mr.ton that you find my presence here unwanted a little insulting. Why would no one want to discuss the REAL in's and outs of HCEO's by talking to an ex-one? I know more about the business from the office side of things than any debtor has ever seen so isn't it better that my opinions on here are stated? I don't defend them though, i too have been in debt and don't like these people any more than anyone else does. But remember, a lot of debts are for people who just don't pay and cost this country millions of pounds a year (There's your recession mr.ton!). It's only a few that come on here that genuinely are being harrased for money which i agree is not on and didn't mean to get into debt. I see people though who start companies, buy millions of pounds of stock, then fold and we have to chase a ghost around for the money. Think what this does to the company the got the stock from! I think the recession that you blame for this, is actually CAUSED by this. Debt is a big issue. Maybe i do sound like i'm defending the HCEO's and I'm sorry if it comes across that way. I just REALLY want people to see it from both sides of the coin. If all we ever did on this website was post about what we THINK will happen, it would't be very helpful would it? Isn't it better to speak to me, an old HCEO who can point you in the right direction rather than assume you're correct? I'll say no more on the matter now, i thank everyone for their support on this post. I'm not arguing with a man who has 3,500 posts and still doesn't know what he's on about. Look forward to reading yet more of mr.tons 3,500 entertaining posts. Tally ho :grin:
  3. I'd do both mate, I've seen cases go sour for the debtor because we never we served with an original. Even a scanned copy is classed as not original. I'd email it, then send it Special Delivery.
  4. MATE ONE BIG POINTER!!!! Don't email it, it must have your signature on it. Print it off, mail it recorded delivery, next day delivery even better.
  5. I've editied it slightly, i've bolded what i've changed. If you don't like mine that's OK. Yours is pretty darn good mate! Just what i meant! I look forward to hearing what they say back, please keep us informed. Good Luck -
  6. Fees are never cheap, if they were this site would be empty! Good luck changing them, you need to imagine how many people call a day to a HCEO asking for fees to be reduced. It's hardly ever done. Sorry to p*** on your chips there.
  7. No worries, make sure if it's typed, the person who owns the goods signs it. Remember it should be coming from them. Draft it up just like a normal letter you'd send to a bank or whatever. Name address etc etc. Post you text here and i'll have a look.
  8. Welcome to real life mr.ton. It seems you've said your piece, called us trolls and turned your back thinking your correct so i won't argue with you. I won't reveal what my background is but 5 years of it was solid HCEO! i can tell you now people always transfer them up, human rights or not, they want enforcement and that's what they get. Remember HCEO's used to be called the sheriffs, now they're called HCEO's. No difference really though, still way more power than an bailiff. Sheriffs are also reponsible for evictions, moving on gypsies etc, things like that. Not just debt collectors. As for troll comment, names don't bother me so i won't get wound up like toddle2u (p.s. thanks for your support) however. You don't know me, i don't know you. But i guarantee out of most people on this site, i have first hand on the job knowledge of HCEO's from office admin to moving vehicles, and i'll tell you now, i do not defend the industry, but at the end of the day, it IS an industry! It makes money, it has bosses, just like any other company, i worked for those companies and i got paid. This doesn't mean i like their tactics or condone them, I'm just trying to cut through a lot of the BS that's floating around on this site and tell it as it is! A troll i assume is some undercover HCEO who wants people to like them. I am no longer a HCEO, i don't care who likes them, i just want people to understand how they work a bit better. I hope that helps people out. mr.ton, you braught this on yourself, you seem to have your own set views of the court systems and seem so adamant about how you feel, it seems pointless discussing it. I can tell you now though, you seem everything but informed.
  9. I really don't think it is, but oh well, call it what you will, a claim's a claim! tomtubby, i'm upset about my PMs. I would have liked a response from you on that particular PM. :(
  10. Spot on, well said !! Charges (some of them) are based on levy percentage, if an officer doesn't levy we can't charge solicitors the full fees so mroe often than not an officer levies on a car just to "bump up" the levy amount. Then if the def pays in full (to either the sols or the HCEO) we get full fees based on that levy. Few people ever ask HCEO's to change this amount, when they do, it's usually done and the bosses detest it. So listen to tomtubby, make sure you're only being charged for items that belong to you. (In HCEO's defense though - whenever it was realised that the car didn't belong to the person we were after, we'd remove levy amount, so not all HCEO's are monsters!)
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