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  1. Thanks all of you, I really do feel a lot calmer now especially as I know I'm not the only one this has happened to. I have had no letters yet to say that my payments will be stopped, god knows how i'll survive if they do. Thinking about it, it isn't a great amount of benefit that will be in question I don't recieve housing benefit so will just be the council tax benefit and I don't get the full amount of income support as my ex husband pays maintenance to my 2 children, at one point I only got £6 a week in income support. I was under the impression they only imposed the heavy penalties where
  2. Thank you so much, I've just sorted out a solicitor they're going to call me back later so I'll know more then. I think the worse thing is the letter makes it sound so serious and the whole 'interview under caution' sounds so scary, I've never had to do anything like this before and when you ring up they won't tell you anything about it! They don't even tell you about taking a solicitor with you I've only found that out from searching the internet for advice
  3. Thank you so much for your advice, in all honesty I can see why it would look like he lives with me, he comes to mine straight after work sometimes, then will stay till quite late at night, and in the last few weeks he has stayed more than normal down to finding myself pregnant and having a slight bleed. I was worried because unless someone has been sat outside my house filming him leaving I can't prove that he doesn't live here! I really did think (very stupidly) that you were ok to have someone stay with you as long as they weren't contributing to my bills etc, and the fact remains, on his
  4. Hi there I wondered if someone could help me I had a letter this morning saying that they suspect my claim for council tax benefit could be fraudulent and that I have to go in for an interview under caution. They won't tell me what it's about but I think it is because I have been claiming as a single person but I have a boyfriend he doesn't live with me he has his own place which he pays rent on and council tax, he does stay with me sometimes but I recieve no money off him and I pay all the bills. I think someone has assumed he is living with me and called the council about it. We've only been
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