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  1. Hi, my heart really goes out to you. You might have noticed that my son has been sacked for gross misconduct and I know just how much he is suffering. You sound as though things are much worse for you. All the advice you've been given up to now is brilliant and you really do need to get some sensible advice. Check out whether you can access a lawyer via the CAB or other organisation. Near to me, there is a neigbourhood advice centre where local lawyers do a free service one evening each week - maybe you have something similar. I daren't go there myself because I'm so afraid my son's
  2. Forgot to say that the basis of the allegation against my boy is that he lost his temper and swore in the office - after working excessive hours I migtht add - have to be careful I'm so paranoid about his awful employers, I swear they are nuts and wouldn't be surprised if they're monitoring this site. I work in a very high pressure medical environment and bad language, while I'm, not defending it, is sometimes the only outlet when, as we are, you're dealing with life and death matters. Until this incident, he had an exemplary work record with glowing references from previous employers.
  3. Hi, hope somebody can help. My son has been unfairly dismissed by his employer on a trumped up gross misconduct thing. He is now going down the employment tribunal route but he is having sleepless nights. The reason is because when he applied for his previou job (not the one he's just been sacked from) he submitted a CV where he claimed to have a higher grade in his degree than he has. That employer sold the business and he was taken on by the crooks who bought it as a direct transfer. When he got the original job, even having a degree wasn't one of the essential critiera so he's really
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