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  1. do I post to Canada Square Address in Worthing? I have written a sar letter. Also will they tell Apex (who the debt is with) but I haven't heard from them for 3 years? Has anyone else had egg loans go to Apex and then never hear anything ?
  2. if someone goes for bankrupcy .... can you offer them charging order instead .... how do the court view this ?
  3. that is what I am worried about they are leaving until it comes up SB and then they will do the worst .... bankrupcy etc ....should I just phone them now and make token offers to try and keep them at bay ... what is the address for egg ?
  4. no unfortunately I do not know when my last real payment was but it has been within the last 6 years . I definitely know I have paid nothing since jan 2011
  5. they did in the past have a default on my file but it is since now showing it dropped off .... i think your right with letting sleeping dogs lie but I worry they will come out of the wood work and do something like bankrupcy to me
  6. no they have the correct address ...
  7. it is not on my credit file .... anyone have these debts been forgotten about ?
  8. yes egg did merge loans with credit cards
  9. I don't think I have got to the six years ago yet. The last time I acknowledge this debt was 2011 at the latest. At the time I had a letter from Apex saying they had brought the debt from Egg. I sent request for CCA and they did send me one and now they have not ever chased for the money.
  10. Justforthem

    Apex and Egg

    I had an egg loan sold to Apex credit. I sent them CCA request 3 years ago and they replied with a CCA. However I have never paid them and they have never chased me. I am trying to sort out finances at the moment but am wary of phoning them after all this time. Does anyone know why they have not been in contact ?
  11. LOL!! I am sure I am not the only person who stopped making payments 3 years ago on a 3k debt due to a nervous breakdown. Unless maybe they are sat in their office playing guess who against threads on here ha ha. If they are for their information it is best they are aware that I am completely aware what they have been advised by OFT with regards people that stopped paying debts when they were ill. Also my nerves are in check and I have the will to call the BBC and every National newspaper about them.
  12. Hi Thank you man42 you are very helpful. Any chance you can read the inbox I sent to .. the information in there I haven't posted on here because it helps identify me.
  13. I have another thread about this but Statutory Demand but have another question on it. They have told me on the phone they will withdraw the notice (but I am not sure I believe this). I can't not remember receiving anything from them to say they brought the debt and also it has crossed my mind on the phone yesterday they said I borrowed the money from the original credit in 2006. I am racking my brains back and if I did borrow the money from the initial creditor it was more like 2001. So they don't even have that date correct. Can I put it in dispute on the grounds they have the original borrowing date wrong?
  14. Yes and it is 1.38am I can't sleep and I will be down the doctors towards because my mind will be .. thanks 1st credit
  15. I last made a payment to original creditor Dec 2010 so the six years is not up there but the default falls off my file in a week. This is silly to try and bankrupt me. I know I owe the money although the bank did not send me a letter saying they sold the debt. 1st Credit did send a letter saying they brought the debt though. If they want there money secured why in the heck dont they put a charge on my house to secure it and then I will pay them back as quick as I can, in the meantime they have the security of my property, it is not rocket science, but they try this silly bank rupt me instead.
  16. very interesting I have looked on my credit report and it is only a few weeks until the original default falls off
  17. OMG I am on my own with children and they will steal my home
  18. would they really take it to petition stage, surely it will cost them nearly as much as I owe them
  19. I have private message to you, as there is stuff I don't want to post on open forum
  20. Yes it is but I still feel so judged and intruded upon. So furious when I came off of the sick as I felt ready to work again and then got investigated for doing the right thing. Oh well, all is well that ends well I guess.
  21. I am started to feel a fool now because I have called them and asked what it is because I didn't know. So does that count as proof that I have received it? I also signed for it courier at the door. I guess the are just bluffing me but I am also very scared
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