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  1. Thanks very much. Not after a CCA - just charges - so no problems signing it...... Cheers.
  2. Don't have any statements and after googling, there's a few to choose from but I'd obviously like the right one.....thanks...
  3. Thanks for the replies. The account's in dispute, so are there no strongly-worded letters I'm entitled to send to both B/C and P2C or are they quite within their rights? Don't know anything about P2C. When I phoned the P2C worker who'd left a card on my doorstep to tell him about the dispute, he said they have no prior knowledge of any accounts - their job is just to turn up at a door, call B/C, then hand the phone over to the person they want to talk to...... Any advice or anybody got any similar experience? Thanks.
  4. Hi, Need advice, please. Had letters / calls from Mercers. Also received a letter from Power2 Connect?? threatening a doorstep visit. I actually spoke to Mercers, told them I was waiting on my CCA (from June) and therefore hadn't made a payment. They said I was entitled to it, couldn't understand why I hadn't received it, then bizarrely said I didn't need to make a payment just now and that they're putting the account on hold for 7 days. I've then received a card from P2C - they'd been to the door. When I called them back, he said it had been a mistake as B/C had now cance
  5. Thanks for that.... I haven't read (in the Scottish sections) anybody taking BC to Court up here let alone any success stories so I'm guessing option 1's out... The charges amount to over 800, so if they pay back as quickly as they did on the other account, then it's a start...............but it still leaves a hefty amount to try and pay off........anyway, I'll have a think...... Cheers.
  6. Hi (again) Slick... Yeah, my other account with BC.....I've CCA'd & SAR'd it & sent them a Formal Complaint letter. I've been reading loads of threads and, in truth, Ive no idea where to go next:-| One minute I want to try the interest route then I read noomill060's thread where he went to Court in NI and won (brilliant thread, that). If I fire off an Account In Dispute letter, what then? How long does it go on for? They won't take any notice and continue as before via Mercers etc. I don't know the legal side of things here in Scotland in relation to asking for t
  7. Thanks for the reply.... Possibly worded my question in the wrong way.... I've already claimed charges (plus interset) on another BC account. I used the spreadsheet / interest calculator via the Martin Lewis site (sorry, couldn't get to grips with the one on here) and BC paid me in full (well over a grand, £200+ of which was interest).....one SAR then a reclaim charges letter direct to BC.... Anyway, any links available that I can have a look at regarding this compound interest, please?.....how it works....how to add it up etc etc.... Many thanks.
  8. Hi, Am I right in thinking to claim charges with compound interest, I'd need to file in Court as it's only the standard interest they're paying back voluntarily? Also, can I still claim for charges even tho' I've fired off a Formal Complaint / In Dispute letter to their responses (I've already CCA'd & SAR'd).....or have I boobed? Cheers.
  9. No problem....thanks for the advice....I thought it might be useful as a tool to use against them....I'll take them out.... Regards....
  10. Thanks again for the support... Slick, I started a thread in the relevant forum but nothing doing response wise....I realise this is the wrong place but is this letter ok to send in response to their pitiful offer? Can you advise, please? (it's just that I want to get it away asap....sorry if I'm out of order posting it here...I'll delete / edit it as soon as...) Response to settlement offer. Account Number. Dear Sir Thank you for your letter dated xxxxxxxxx. I respectfully decline your offer of £xxxxx as Full and Final settlement and request, once again, that you ret
  11. Hi, Received a paltry offer from RBoS in reply to my Prelim letter (I'd already SAR and sent them the Spreadsheet etc). The balance is only a few hundred and the Charges etc in a refund would wipe it out... I was looking at the Template letter but I was wondering if anybody can link me to any rejection letters that they can remember seeing on any of the threads, please?....I've read a few crackers over the past few months but can't remember where.... Thanks in advance....
  12. Hello again, Chuffed to bits coz they've paid in full what I'd asked for (well over a grand). Really can't believe it was that easy. Genuine thanks to everyone on here for their input and walking me though it. I would've stumbled on for evermore paying / struggling and getting nowhere. Still fighting them on another, but I'll be making a donation for this one with sincere gratitude... Now that I've had my eyes opened (and whilst I was waiting on Barclaycard) I went after another Card Company. I asked for a SAR and then a Spreadsheet etc .. They've offered me a tenth of what I'v
  13. Thanks Spam & Slick for the replies... The Template Prelim letter was sent a few days ago....If I don't hear anything (in 14 days from the sent date?) do I send off the LBA one? Thanks.
  14. Hello again. Just to update....I've received my 6 years worth of statements today....I'm making the minimum payment and it goes without saying they've never sent me the CCA.....I haven't sent them the Account In Dispute letter as I wanted to see if they'd repay the late fees first.... Is there a template letter I can send off in reply claiming all the late fees? and is it a flat 8% I've to add on to the total?...or have I read that completely wrong via other threads? The letter also states...''This information (the statements) we have enclosed relating to this account is all tha
  15. Thanks for the link. Still waiting on their ''under seperate cover'' one....as all I've received is the letter above. Do I wait another 14 days? ....or have they got longer?
  16. Thanks. What do I do next regarding the CCA, please? And does anyone know the correct Barclaycard Goldfish address to send the Subject Access Request?
  17. Hi all. Thanks for the replies and suggestions. I've made the minimum payment. Here's the (bog standard?) reply from Barclaycard. 2 pager which ends... ''This completes our obligation to you under Section 78 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974. Yours Sincerely etc etc...
  18. Hi Slick. Yeah, there are late payment fees over the past decade on the Goldfish Credit Card. Have I read you right: I can successfully claim them back? if so, how? I've also received a letter from Mercers. Shall I make a payment to Barclaycard Goldfish direct whilst I'm waiting on the CCA reply?
  19. Ok, I'll leave it blank. I'll post up their reply. Thanks.
  20. Thanks very much, Scott. I'll do it Monday. Dumb question, so apologies, but, do I leave the PO blank or make it payable to Goldfish or Barclaycard? Thanks in advance.
  21. Hi, Found this fantastic site via Google. I've read loads of threads / pages over the past few nights but was still wondering if anybody could help with basic info (apologies if it's staring me in the face.) I've had a CC with (originally) Goldfish (now Barclaycard) since the late 90's. I was laid off last November and I've asked them repeatedly if they could help with / freeze the interest payments till I'm financially back on my feet / in work. They haven't, and the interest is crippling. I'm making basic monthly re-payments so it's going nowhere. I'm completely knew to CCA re
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