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  1. Hi, no. I only rang them for a questionnaire. They started a complaint and have upheld it without me SARing
  2. Hi, phoned M&S to see if they'd received my questionnaire. They told me that they had and were upholding my claim. I am waiting for the letter with the breakdown of the calculation. How do I check the calculation when received and also if the calculation is incorrect can I ask them to pay the difference or does accepting what they send prevent me from doing so? I ask this because the amount is less than I thought it would be. Thank you.
  3. Hello, I took out a M&S card in 1995 and it has PPI on it. I was told at the time that I wouldn't get the card unless I took out the PPI. I have read through the forums and I know I am going to look stupid here but I can't see how I go about making a claim for PPI. Could someone please point me in the right direction for forms/letters/process please. Thank you.
  4. Thank you very much for the speedy reply
  5. M&S sent me a reconstituted copy of loan agreement. The address was one from 5 years after the address of the time of agreement. I sent them failed CCA letter. They have written back saying they have met their obligations and will now recommence collections procedure. Advice please.
  6. Your help is very much appreciated. Thank you.
  7. Thank you. I assume it is ok to alter the letter slightly to reflect it is to M&S themselves not Moorcroft.
  8. Do I say it does not comply as the address is incorrect?
  9. They have today sent the details as described in the longer post above. The failure to comply letter seems to be for non receipt of the forms. How do I dispute the wrong address please? Also the loan was taken in Spring 2004 do they have to supply me with a form bearing my signature because if when the facility was in 2004? As always thank you in advance.
  10. I have looked but can't find an appropriate letter for the above post.
  11. Received letter from M&S today recoded delivery. There are 4 sheets. Sheet 1. Covering letter saying sheets 2,3&4 comply with cca Sheet 2 - a reconstituted copy of application/agreement form. This is blank where my signature should be. Also loan was from spring 2004 however address on reconstituted copy is one I did not move to until end 2009. Also there is no agreement date or term in months or interest rate just an interest amount, monthly instalments are stated as £0.00 Sheet 3 - standard copy of terms and conditions Sheet 4 - statement of transactions To my untrained
  12. Cca letter to M&S on 6th by recorded delivery. They have cashed £1 cheque on 9th dec. what letter do I send as no reply from them within 12+2. Emailed Moorcroft and told them I'm in dispute. They've written back saying they're going to speak to M&S and take no action in the meantime
  13. I have now received a letter from Moorcroft requesting a repayment proposal by the 9th December. The agreement will be dated prior to April 2007. What should I do now please?
  14. I think loan was originally taken prior to April 2007. Does that make a difference?
  15. It's a loan not credit card. Last payment made to it was 2 months ago. Should I wait until Moorcroft write to me or send a cca request?
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