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  1. Hello, I've had many problems and a strong case against a bank for failing to put a transaction into dispute. I had a small claims judgement by default in my favour but the bank wrote to have it set aside saying I used the wrong address (and giving this wrong address) when in fact I had served correct address it was just baliffs who were sent in to this right "wrong" address. Having set aside, they sought to have my claim struck out and I sought to have their defence struck out. The court mucked up and lost my case which took time precedent. Eventually hey said both would be debated
  2. The former. I wouldn't worry about the wording as long as you read the above post I made and mention that you were charged a fee before they released the package contrary to the Postal Services Act (the illegal bit) and ALSO that you feel the fee is unreasonable. The first is the most important as it kind of negates the second but you should win on either point.
  3. Royal Mail have broken the law and must surely be aware of this. I built on the good work of the initial poster and did some strategic research into this fee. It would indeed appear to be both illegal and unreasonable. So I took them to the small claims court and they settled, in full, out of court. They took my case very seriously however their lawyer Mandy Talbot tried to, in my opinion, deliberately mislead me. I wasn't having any of it. I encourage everyone to take them to the small claims court, eventually they will do what the banks did (i.e get fed up
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