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  1. Most politicians engage when it suits them i.e when they need to raise their profile.So they tag along with what is ever topical at the time. Mr Weir done it when some high profile companies went into administration Woolworth and the Christmas hamper company to name two. They where big topics at the time and a few started to mention charges Mr Weir jumped on the bandwagon and gained some national publicity over it. The disappointing thing is is that when genuine people who have been affected by such issues try and engage or seek help they are no where to be seen. Typical politician of
  2. Good luck..! Please let me know if you get anywhere. Like I said previously I think Mr Weir will find out the best career move is to keep quite. Unfortunately you need Big Politicians or should I say Politicians who have balls to take this one on. Mr Weir doesn't strike me as the right man for the job. I hope I am wrong.
  3. I shouldn't panic.Firstly your uncle wasn't bankrupt and i take it he wasn't in the process of filing for bankruptcy at the time he made payment? How long after payment was made did he start process?
  4. Read article in Daily Mail and also in Telegraph. The fact that some very prominent companies have been wound up just recently with shareholders demanding whats happened to their money then finding millions have have been spent winding it up and them left with nothing has again highlighted what is happening. Shareholders get nothing,creditors get a 1p in the pound and the insolvency practitioner who remember is there to make sure that everything regarding the winding is above board walks away with most of the money that was left in the company...? Nice work if you can get it!
  5. Well its early days 3rd week in. Suing company hasn't crossed his mind he is just trying to make them see sense. Like Sidewinder stated legally they havn't done anything wrong at the moment other than suspend someone[or get someone out of way] while they clear up a problem in his department. Will he get dragged into to it is something else to consider. He has made it clear now how he see's it which is the longer he is suspended someone will have to be held accountable. Thats all he can do.Further up the line is another matter which i think he could do with some advice.
  6. Had another chat last night and he's going to try one more time to see if something can be done. During conversation I asked how secure job was he said he is contracted up to October. So I think this is what the main concern is. If his contract isn't renewed in October he will be in even more trouble. Although its a companies right to conduct internal matters the best they see them surly there must be something within that framework which has the employees rights to be taken into consideration.Especially in this case as he has highlighted the situation and asked for something to
  7. As you quite rightly say'I see no way to force them to change their mind'. Unfortunately I feel he already knows damage has been done and that he has tired to minimize it but by the indications he has been getting this case is going to drag on a while. The dilemma he is in now is that although things are bad enough now how bad can they get and what can he do about it. He has been told his job is secure but the way he is looking at it, is his career could be finished if he doesn't do something pretty soon.
  8. All the above was suggested straight away to his manager but its gone over their heads. As what my friend does is quite different to what rest of team do they don't quite get it. Bringing up a grievance was discussed when i had a chat with him but this won't help as there are also procedures that have be done in bringing one up and again a time limit. He has stressed the implications to his boss and HR but they just don't get it. Their main concern is the main investigation at the moment.
  9. Hi, thought i'd run this by anyone with any experience and see what they think or advise. Best friend has just been suspended from work on full pay until an internal issue is resolved. The issue is really of no concern as he is not at fault but he has been told because of protocol, procedures have to be adhered to. He has been told he cannot contact anyone related to his job until investigations are finished. The main concern is he is not contactable as his phone has had to be given to HR and email account can't be accessed. Its taken him many years to have built up this network
  10. Thanks for some positive thoughts and feedback. Its a crazy system which has ruined many peoples lives.I am happy that it is now been looked at for what it is.A 'club' which has ripped off many innocent people of many millions of pounds. What really gets me is that these people are supposed to be looking after both parties interests and making sure there is fairness. To me these people are worse than bankers as they morally have a duty to do the right thing. I am so glad a high profile individual such as MP Weir has made more people aware. I just hope he isn't told to mind his own
  11. The system changed.One amendment was that a property had to be realised within 3 years time period. By doing this surley they are saying other system was flawed? Oh and sorry for wasting your time. All you needed to say from the start of post was 'no i don't know the answer and seek legal advice from a solicitor ' in doing so you would have done us both a favour.The post was started to attract people with knowledge and understanding of how to challange such things.Look it might be a case of forgeting about it but at the end of the day when you feel you have been ripped off just becau
  12. Ah! Sorry have i upset someone. Shouldn't have said 'inner establishment'.How about untouchable that should be better. Unfortunatley these things do exist as many people come to realise not so long ago(Bank charges). The property didn't need realisation as you put it,at the start of everything there was money to cover what was originally owed. The property didn't come into it because it was no use to him as there was nil equity in it and the debt at the time didn't warrant the property been sold. The Trustee waited until property went up in value then proceeded saying more money wa
  13. If the playing field was fair then i wouldn't be on here trying to get advice. The courts appoint these people,they are self regulated,they are part and parcel of the inner establishment. This is all that really is coming across. I suppose i'm looking for someone who can point me in the right direction and be able to bring forth a case which wouldn't be cut down straight away.
  14. My main point is I SHOULD HAVE EVERY RIGHT to challenge something unjust Look the bottom line is the system was wrong that is why it changed.Been self regulated also adds to the problem.As johno100 has pointed out in his list.I have no problem with OR apart from who he appointed as trustee and not telling me the truth which was i could have maybe got things overturned. However the reality is he probably wouldn't have got his nice christmas hamper if he had? The trustee is the people i have issue with.Simple case file no complications involving all different parties.One creditor come
  15. One creditor inland revenue £3000. In proceeding with a bankrupcty i would hope the OR to be an informed and compentant person in all aspects involving such a case or file.If such a person cannot answer a question honestly ie 'can i pay what is owed' i feel its this persons duty to answer correctly irrespective of what he or she does.When someone in that position says' its too late' i took it as been too late. Now is this just the same as our old friends the bankers. Accountability seems only to work oneway???
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