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  1. Got another letter this morning. The car park the original 'offence' was supposed to have occurred in has now shifted to one nearly 200 miles away. Coupled with the wrong date, I'm almost hoping this does make it to court.
  2. Thanks again. I'm a little out of my depth with this as I'm not familiar with contract and common law and suchlike. I don't suppose there's a template I can adapt somewhere?
  3. OK. This is the exact text at the bottom of the letter- I'm not sure which part of the CSA Code of Practice this contravenes, though.
  4. OK, ta, I'll have a look through. The CSA complaints procedure recommends contacting the DCA first, though. Should I do that, or go straight to them?
  5. Really? I'm not too up on this sort of thing, so what would I be complaining about?
  6. OK, cheers. I just wondered if pointing out that not only was I at work on the date mentioned, but that there isn't a shopping centre with that name within a hundred miles would stop the inevitable avalanche of drivel.
  7. Oooh, I thought they'd given up, but I got a letter from Roxburghe Debt Collectors and the amount they're asking for has gone up to £70. Funny thing is, not only have they got the date wrong, they've now put down the wrong name for the retail park- I've never heard of it and there definitely isn't one locally. I presume the same applies- just ignore them completely? There's then an IMPORTANT NOTICE TO REGISTERED KEEPER, in which they state that the registered keeper is responsible for the acts of the driver and that they will pursue the registered keeper in the absence of driver
  8. Heh, they do seem pretty shonky, but like all decent companies their address is apparently a PO Box… Right, the original ticket was marked ‘Civil Penalty Notice’ and the breach was ‘parking at private car park and leaving site’. The date on the actual ticket is wrong and so are the dates on the two letters I’ve received. The first letter has a heading ‘Notice to Owner/ Driver/ Hirer’ and the following text after the registration, date, notice number and breach details- The second letter is pretty much the same, although it is headed ‘FINAL REMINDER’ and there’s a bit
  9. I will do when I get back home this evening. From a quick read around the site it looks like a fairly standard one, although I'm surprised it took them 4 months to make initial contact- I thought they'd realised their date mistake and decided not to bother.
  10. Back in January I received a parking ticket from a (free) retail car park. I'd arrived 20 minutes before the shops opened and had walked into the centre to go to the toilet. When I got back the ticket was attached to the car windscreen for leaving the site, but it had the wrong date on- it was dated 5 days later for some reason. Since then, I heard nothing until the start of May, when I received a notice letter from Akita Security Services telling me to pay up within 14 days or the retail park would commence civil proceedings. Again it had the wrong date on and 3 weeks later (this weekend
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