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  1. Hi All,

    Regular reader here, but now my first post!, oh dear.


    I have an issue with a PG from Lloyds. I singed a guarantee at the bank for £3000 some where along the line our overdraft was upped from £3000 to £8000, and from there things went a bit down hill with the business and it has been stagnant ever since, and has a proposal to strike off, but not yet.(was/is LTD company)


    Anyway the bank is now chasing me for payment of £8000, I've said show me the signed PG and we'll talk, so after a year or two they have now got a PG to me, but I know I never signed one for £8000 ( I did sign one for £3000) however the PG, is for £8000!. oddly its my signature and name and the bank managers signature and name, no dates, no witnesses and no amounts the other page is an amount of £8000, but there is nothing I can see to tie these pages into a document.


    the only date is on the first page, with my name and address, which is a year before the account was O/D to the £8000, when the first page is dated we had the o/d limit of £3000


    they now have a debt collector chasing me, part of the Tessera group.


    So, my questions if any one knows is:

    Do PG need to be Witnessed?

    Should the signature not be dated?

    Would Lloyds really try and pull a fast one for £5000?

    Any ideas what I should do? as I do not have £8000 ( don't I own 43% of this bank?)


    many thank yous for any advice.


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