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  1. It taken us 2 years to get to a stage where the FOS investigated our complaint. Shop direct (littlewoods are telling the ombudsman that they have already settled the claim and the complaint has been resolved but we have had no letter or any offers. I don't know what's going on with this. Do banks and businesses have a habit of saying such things to delay and put off paying out? Does anyone know who the underwriter for Littlewoods PPI shopping insurance is? Would appreciate some help as this has been going on for years now. thank you!
  2. Shop direct have 'reviewed 'our complaint already, should I complain them again on mum's behalf saying they have to re- investigate as well as appealing to the ombudsman? We have a large briefcase of statements but I think we need to SAR shop direct.
  3. Hi, In August 2010 I complained to shop direct about misold PPI, I did so on behalf of my mum. She had this applied to her account. They initially sent a standard reply, then last August she received a 'review quastionairee', which we thought when completed they would pay the money back to her. We waited but received no response. Recently we decided to complain to the fso and this has resulted in 2 responses. Firstly shop direct waited the whole 8 weeks and on the final week sent a letter and a cheque for £100 for completing the review questionnaire.
  4. The date of the 1st statement is early 2006, the account is 6 year old, with the last payment being made in early 2008, so getting on for 4 years ago. So I need to send them an account in dispute letter should I also send a request for the CCA? I don't want them to pay the £1 fee towards the account. Is it worth me claiming the late payment fees back or will this cause problems?
  5. The original crediitor is hbos. I haven't asked iqor for a CCA but i did request one from robinson way a few years ago, and it's been passed around all the DCAs. My letter to Iqor was an account in dispute letter from the template, I didn't ask for any statements, they may have passed it back to hbos and they've provided them with statements. thanks
  6. Hi, Last year I sent Iqor a letter stating the alleged cc debt is in dispute as they have not provided a valid credit agreement. Several months later I received all of the statement from several years ago and up to the present day. Has anyone else had letters and enclosed statements sent to them. How do I respond? Please help, many thanks Their letter reads: "'writing further to my recent communication and now enclose copy statements (s)/bill(s) provided by our client for your reference. We confirm that the above balance is correct and we require your proposal for settlem
  7. Hi, This has been passed to i_qor again who have passed it to a solicitor called Geffrery parker bourne, who claim they are ("may be")taking me to court in 7 days. The last time the letters were not from the solicitors office but this one is. I beleive that they do go through the small claims court from what I have read, is this always the case?? I think I should send them an in dispute letter but not sure how to word or include the legal stuff about the legibility of the documents they sent. I'd be grateful for any help here. thank you again!
  8. HI, this has been passed on twice now and i'm getting frequent letters from some called Credit security limited. Anyone had to deal with these people?
  9. HI, just a quick update, it's now been passed onto Wescot and their solicitor. Sorry i didn't report the last lot to the OFT as it went quiet for about 9 weeks, but I was wondering how to go about reporting them, is there a template letter I can use or a from to fill out? sorry to sound like such a novice.
  10. Thanks again for the advice everyone gave. I didn't hear anything after I sent my in dispute letter but they have now passed it onto Moocroft's Pre Court division!? I received a second letter from them today and it's bright yellow with comic sans font. So if anyone on here gets a bright yellow envelope you know you it's from! What are these people like to deal with? Is another dispute letter necessary?
  11. Hi, thanks again. I sent Iquor an In dispute letter from the template library (sent recorded). I sent one to the previous DCA Robson Way back in July, who closed their files but they then passed it onto Iquor who I'm now having to deal with. Many thanks for your help, I will let you know their response.
  12. Hi, yeah i ignored them and then got a letter direct from the solicitor JPK. "Legal Action Pending", with all the court costs laid out on the page. It say they may take me to court in 7 days, which is Christmas eve.
  13. Thanks for the previous replies. I hadn't heard anything for several weeks. Iqor have passed in on to a solicitor JPB, stating "Iqor are likely to take court action if they don't receive the full amount in 10 days". The letter is from Preston but that solicitor doesn't seem to have offices there. Do they use their letter headed paper? The letter asks to contact iqor direct and not to contact JPB (jeffery parker bourn)
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