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  1. As the title says i received my letter today informing me that a liability oorder has been granted and unless i pay all debts in 7 days (can't afford this as i'm currently bankrupt) then the balliffs will be the next step. My wifes ex-husband is in a similar situation and he said that they legally sold all of there possessions to his in laws for £1 therefore the balliff could not take anything as it didn't belong to them. He said he printed out the form online and signed and witnessed this. Could anyone tell me if this is legal and if so where to find such a form. Please help,i really don'
  2. Hi luckysam,so sorry to hear of your situation. I declared myself bankrupt on the 30th of june and my wife is doing it at the end of sept just as you are. With reference to the baliffe i agree,keep them out until after the bankruptcy. Even if you hide behing the sofa,so long as they don't get in they can't take anything. It may sound silly but have you got any friends or family you can stay with until after the bankruptcy date? At least that way you won't be sat at home going through hell juming at every sound outside worrying it may be a baliffe. Keep us informed and try to stay positive,once
  3. oh and my wifes car is worth no more than £450 on a very good day. I'm a mechanic so know this to be true. It just ain't that good lol
  4. In 2005 i was contacted by the CSA telling me that the claim for my daughter had been closed. I have no idea why this was but i wasn't going to question it. I phoned them to double check and sure enough it had been closed. That was the last i heard untill about 2 months ago. They are now saying that i owe £3200 in unpaid arrears dating to before the claim was ended. I unfortunately have no way to prove otherwise so i will just have to pay it. I recently went bankrupt but this cannot be included in this. Here in lies my dilemma, I have recently been made redundant and due to the stress of
  5. It just seems reminicent of the whole bank charges subject. The amount being charged is wholy innapropriate to the service being provided. The entire premium is only £250 any way!
  6. I re-insured my bike at the end of last month,i paid my deposit and all was fine. Now i unfortunately have to sell my bike so i called today to cancel the insurance and was informed that there would be a cancellation fee of £70! This can't be legal surely? Just wondered if anyone else has had any experience with this?
  7. Up until 8 weeks ago when i was made redundant i worked for peugeot in the parts dept although i am a qualified technician and got fed up getting my hands dirty. As you have all pointed out the 307 has been plaqued with problems from day one. Just one point that might be of interest,peugeot and all other manufacturers are now reverting to a traditional solid flywheel set up now they have all realised what a total headache and waste of time dual mass's are.
  8. Antarctica,well done! I'm so glad you managed to do it,proper weight off your minds i'll bet? The phone call is nothing to worry about,really just to check through the details on your forms and generally to assertain how you got yourself in the situation. He (or she) doesn't judge in any way just doing their paperwork too. Then they contact all your creditors. Actually i had 2 debt letter s arrive today,i called them and as usual they were very aggressive initially trying to get me to pay and telling me how much more it would cost if i didn't blah blah blah,then i mentioned that i was declared
  9. So basically telling you what you already knew. With reference to getting a loan ie provident,i seem to remember in the bankruptcy pack it mentions something about aquiring credit just before you go bankrupt,i think it says that it will still be payable,there is also the other opinion that if you take out credit in the knowledge that you have no intention of re paying it then it will count as fraud/dishonest behaviour and again will not be included and therefore still payable, i think?
  10. There is another way to get the money,it's a little under hnded but it worked for me. Stoppaying your energy bills and use that money for the bankruptcy,then when you fill out your bankruptcy forms list those unpaid bills as part of your bankruptcy then when it's all done change energy providers. I'm not saying this is what you should do as it's a bit desperate but then desperate times etc, this is what i ended up doing and it worked for me.
  11. You're very welcome. I agree it seems a bit ridiculous having to find so much money when you have no money but it is definately worth the effort. You can get some companies to make you bankrupt if you owe over £700 to them but it will take ages,you'll have to go through the ccj's balliffs and loads of time before they do that which is obviously very frustrating and stressful. Better i think to just put as much away as you can to raise the £360. If necessary go bankrupt one at a time,thats what we're doing. Now going to save up so my wife can do it. When you do do it make sure you list EVERYT
  12. Hi Antarctica,sorry to hear of your situation. Hopefully i can be of help or atleast relief. I went Bankrupt yesterday (30.06.2009) and it nothing like as daunting as you think. I have recently found myself unemployed for the first time ever (i'm only 33 but never been out of work) therefore i am also on benefits and myself and my wife get the same amount of benefit as you. I had to pay the obligatry £360 for the bankruptcy but the court admin costs of £150.00 were wavered because i currently recieve jsa,the form you'll need for this is an EX120 form. All you need to fill in is your name and a
  13. please excuxe my ignorance but what is LA? I am in the process of starting bankruptcy proceedings and don't know if this can be included but i really want to fight this as it makes my blood boil to think they can just make someone pay money they never recieved.
  14. Thanks for that,luckily all my debts are in my name only so my wife is at no risk. I even recently sold my rusty little peugeot to pay for the bankruptcy charges. Pretty confusing because nearly all my creditors have passed the account's to dca's but i assume i just list the original debt and if it's anything different they will adjust it themselves?
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