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  1. Been on hold for 191-Cancellations for over 70mins and still no answer....I want to leave VF but am tied into their contact that comes standard with rubbish service.....
  2. About a month ago my contract was due for an upgrade, i called in and attempted to do the upgrade telephonically, i waited a few days and no sign of my new mobile, i called again to check, and they had no stock and couldnt advise when i would get the new phone, and was then told i could do it instore and the cancel the upgrade with them over the phone, which i did. I then got my new mobile instore, and was on hols for a week, when i get back i see notes that they tried to deliver a new phone. When i check my bill, i've been charged £221 for a new mobile, i immediatly call VF to tell them this is incorrect and am told they would sort the problem out, and week later still hasnt been sorted, so i call in again to be put on hold and then told it has been passed on to a manager, who will rectify the situation, a couple days later i call again, again a manager will fix it within 30mins, 2 days later i phone again same story, the day before my debit order date, i call again to check, and am told my account has been credit with the £221, and the correct amount will come from my bank account - Surprise Surprise, today the incorrect amount is debited from my bank account. I now phone VF (191) and then am told i must wait 7-10days or go to the bank and fill in and indemnity !?!. I asked for a manager, but they all in meetings, but if they were there they would tell me the same thing i'm told, i asked for a customer services number, they dont have that. I'm then told that i must fill in a form online, which i did. Now i have to wait 5 days for a reply. Why is VF customers made to pay for their mistakes. I am now going to incur extra bank charges due to their error, but i must wait 7-10days for them to rectify a situation that they been aware of over 2 weeks.
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