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  1. What else can I tell you?! I've told you everything. Dates aren't going to make a jot of difference to this post, and I'm sorry, I'm not posting my town for the safety reasons I've already given.
  2. I've now posted the whole story. RM customer services have all the dates concerned.
  3. The whole story... Damage began years ago, when another postman rammed a package through the letterbox, smashing the back off the letterbox, with components and springs on my hall floor. The package was ruined too. I complained to RM, and received a book of first class stamps as compensation, and had to pay £14 for a new letterbox. After that, the postman left parcels on my doorstep, and never knocked the door. I live in a main road, so they were easy to steal whilst I was at work. This postman would never close my wooden gate thereafter, and it would smash and bang in th
  4. Have I posted I'm the wrong place? I could really do with some advice. Thanks.
  5. Hi. I have complained about my postman and the delivery manager previously, spanning years, and I believe they have a vendetta against me. I've had my property damaged twice and had to complain and last time, the DM wouldn't even respond to the RM complaints team, and they had to escalate their end to make him respond. The postman is aggressive, but the final straw came when I heard him telling my neighbour personal info about me (my neighbour is his friend) RM this time have asked the DM to speak to the postman involved and the DM has said he will not remove him from the round. This
  6. Hello I am being constantly harassed by the delivery office manager at my local Royal Mail sorting office. This has gone on for many years, and it's escalated to the point where I'm emotionally done. Both he and his post worker on my round have recently breached my confidentiality with my next door neighbour, and I was so distressed that I called RM complaints in tears. Subsequently i received a pathetic sorry letter, saying the postie has been spoken to by the delivery manager, but the delivery manager is the instigator! So I took the matter to the Postal Review
  7. Hello I just wanted to add a brief update to let any interested parties know that my daughter wrote to Ali Burns (PA to the Chief Executive of TravelLodge) and the matter has been resolved to her satisfaction. A full investigation is also taking place, so that hopefully, this scenario won't happen to other innocent folks in the future. I want to say a special "Thank you" to you stu007, as your post in particular really helped my daughter put her emotions and feelings into words Many thanks Tara
  8. Many thanks for taking the time to write (and thanks to the other respondents too ) I am encouraging my daughter to take some form of action about the treatment she received, and will post back with any updates.
  9. Thank you My hunch now, is that damage is logged, and occupants are contacted (with threatening letters) if they have stayed within a week or so time period after the damage is noticed. Some will pay, some won't, and sometimes all will pay.
  10. I'd really appreciate an update too (even though the thread is a few monhs old) My daughter has just received the same letter as you, for an alleged £400 worth of damage to a wall on a one night stay at TravelLodge. She is worried sick and says there was no damage caused by her, her partner, or the previous occupants. We really need to know where to go with this.
  11. Thank you for putting my mind at rest. I will see what reply comes back, and then I will mail Andy Hornby - it's all worth a try
  12. Are you sure I won't get a black mark on my credit file? If I thought that paying the debt quickly would save this, I would go to a loan shark and get the money tomorrow. I have acknowledged the debt now anyway, by agreeing to make the small monthly payments. Also, this company sent me a photocopy of the Boots payslip showing the overpayment and when it was made. I think this action by Boots is extremely OTT.
  13. Hello I worked direct for Boots. I just don't understand why Boots' payroll didn't contact me themselves - asking this company to retrieve the money seems crazy to me; the costs are probably more than the money they are trying to recoup.
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