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  1. hope someone can help !!! i paid off a loan with barclays with ppi in 2006 with a consolidation loan from HSBC. i asked for a settlement figure which they gave me £2365.47 and i paid it off with a personal cheque over the counter (i had no refund of ppi) then in october of this year over two and ahalf years later i had 6-7 phone calls in a week and one letter saying i owed them £600+ !! i.ve been trying to sort this out now for 7 months now i've had 8 letters ,numerous phone calls and trips into the bank. each person is telling me my PPI wasn't closed, but who's fault is that ? am i entitled to some PPI refund and who's in the wrong ? its stressing me out and it can't be doin much for my credit rating !! angry and concerned !!!!
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