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  1. we havnt payed c tax for a while we donot have the money to do so we dont earn more than 3-400 pounds a month combined we get workin families tax credit houseing benefit child ben we get our low income boosted by these benefits we get sporadic post prob cause of this conf
  2. i dont think we do owe any i thght we were getting full c tax benefit but obv? not by name wrong i mean they have spelt our name wrong and used the wrong title
  3. so surely if there are these multiple things that have gone wrong surely this debt is nulled? no we got a notice of attendance magistrates liability order for unpaid c tax/non dom rates only the wife signed nothing Notice of Distress and inventory was sent from council via pdf format today first time either of us have seen this document
  4. thanks for your response i have viewed the form 7 and this shows many discrepancies first of all on this form it has the wrong name the wrong postcode it then claims we owe nothing we never lived at 1280 ***** road it is dated the 25th of may (two days ago) and we donot own the car listed on the back of the form 50% of the handwriting on this document is wrong the nearest electric gate we know is aprox 3/4 of a mile away on another property nothing to do with me and they have a green box on a fence i cannot identify if a car is not mine as i donot have acces to an
  5. yes it has walkin poss agreee on bottom it was sent scanned from the council we did not get this document at the bottom of this form 7 it says thay would charge extra for debit and credit cards im sure i read somewhere they couldnt charge for that ? also checkin it they even have the wrong postcade on this notice
  6. the only document we got was the "notice of bailiffs attendance" he may have planned to issue this Form 7 when he said he was returning at 1pm that day to collect? i dont know thanks for all your help halowitch i did get a copy of Notice of Distress and inventory from the council is this the form u mean it has a car not mine on it but this was not left at our house by the bailiff
  7. ok thanks for the above very interesting can you confirm 100% if it covers council tax and do you know if the form should have "Form 7" on it?
  8. Dear Mr **** Thank you for your email of 27 May 2009. I have again responded in the order in which your queries have been raised & I trust that this information clarifies the situation. I would like to say that your certified bailiff in no way made a verbal threat towards me it was the manner of his responses which where curt and other manerism not befitting his job. But in the stress of the situation this seemed very threatening. I would advise that a Bailiff is instructed to adopt a firm but correct approach with all persons that are subject to enforcem
  9. i will keep you posted thanks again for your advice i want to just send roughly ur little thing but i feel my details cant hurt just tellin the truth i have been emailing them you get v quick response seems from the right people so ill save the post money
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