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  1. I have reported them to the OFT but this was before I received this letter, I'm now going to get a letter off to TS in Manchester as it is the local office for Robway. Is it worth getting a followup letter off to the OFT?
  2. This just seems to go on and on, so here goes..... Robway got in touch about a debt from years back that I hadn't heard anything about for quite some time. Quick call to National Debtline and they advised Statute Barred letter which I duly sent. Letters have still been sent, Robway claim that as I COULDN'T prove the debt was barred it was still valid, again quick call to ND and they advised. I have also recently sent a letter to OFT with all letters sent and received and I'm preparing a letter for Trading Standards in Manchester as its the local office. Anyway, now I have received a letter from Horwich Farrelly stating they will commence court action if I don't pay. I know its a threat as the debt is barred. What do I do now? Do I ignore this or send through the Statute Barred notification? Obviously HF are part of Robway as its the same address just not sure whether to ignore or send Statute Barred letter again? Letter to TS is going off as I'm getting really fed up with this. These let seem really persistent! Thanks again for advice
  3. Thanks for the advice, it backs up what I thought.
  4. Need to just confirm this with all the knowledge heads here I few months back when all the banking stuff kicked off, my brother received a letter from Muck Hall about a balance owed to a Barclays account, the letter had my name on it but his address. My Brother lives in the house that was my Mum's and I did stay there for a few short months after a seperation but moved out to my own place. I did have a Barclays bank account but the letter advised the balance owing was £6k which I can't remember anything about. Barclays also knew the addresses I was at as I always updated them so I can't understand why a letter has been sent to a really old address. Anyway... Muck Hall sent a couple of more letters to my brother which he just binned. I told him to ignore them as I reckoned they were looking for someone with my name and Barclays have given them a load of leads to follow. In the end my brother got so fed up with the letters he phone them and told them I didn't live there. Letters stopped but now he has received one from J2 Solutions asking for my whereabouts. Obviously if J2 look on the electoral register then they will find I live over the road. I have no intention of calling them at all but if I get a letter then I'm simply going to do a CCA request and if it is something I owe then hit them with Statute Barred letter as it way over the time scale if I do owe the money. It was a long time back and I was in a really stressful job not too mention a marriage seperation! I honestly can't remember anything about this so is sending a CCA then Statute Barred the right way or should I just ignore it completely? J2 are a nasty bunch by all accounts, letters and phonecalls to neighbours are not unheard of and I can't say I'm happy that neighbours will get letters or calls about me. Thanks again
  5. Sound to me like Poor Auld Carter has resigned this to the 'too hard basket' and left it alone. One word of caution though.... If you ever contact one of these DCA's for a completely seperate matter be careful. I called one for a debt that I have almost cleared (to confirm balance) and the operator exact words to me were.... "Sorry to rain on your day, but I see there is a balance o/s to bla bla for the balance of XX.XX. What are your posposals for repayment?" I immediately stopped the advisor and told him I would not acknowledge that debt and as he told me it was due from 2003 the debt was actually Statute Barred. The debt was for some silly amount £13.00 odd I think but the advisor actually admitted it was their fault for leaving it so long. Just watch out for that, it caught me off guard a little. Sneeky buggers these lot
  6. Thanks guys for your help, much appreciated. I'm off to do some 'finger punching' and get a letter out. I have already sent a complaint to OFT. Will follow up with TS & CPUT. Thanks again,
  7. Can anyone provide a link or draft a letter to a DCA that is still sending out letters after I issued Statute Barred letter? I see there is a letter in the Forum Library but it covers English law. Any link or draft would be much appreciated.
  8. Got two issues so will deal one at a time..... Basically, back in 1993 I had an accident whilst serving with Army, bla, bla, bla... 2001 my injury took a turn for the worst which I'm now classed as disabled, I also seperated from my 1st wife and moved back home to Scotland, bla, bla, bla.... Back in Oct 08 I received a letter out the blue for a debt owed to Barclays that I totally forgot about. Back in 2001 the solicitor dealing with my divorce advised me to pass her ALL debt correspondence as she felt none of them would pursue, doing as i was told (see us men can do it ) I just passed everything on and slowly mail stopped. Getting this letter in 2008 I immediately sent Statute Barred as debt acknowledgement was over 5 years and as I reside in Scotland, Scottish law is applicable (National Debtline advised this). I have received a couple of further letters threatening all sorts which I ignored but decided to forward these along with a complaint to OFT enclosing all corres received. Is there anything further I need to do like informing TS or will I just leave it and wait? Second thing.... My brother (few doors down) has received a letter from J2 Solutions Ltd (which I found out is part of MacKenzie Hall) asking him to advise of my whereabouts regarding a debt I have no knowledge of what so ever. I can't recall ever owing this money or ever taking out an agreement/loan for this money. My brother told me he received a couple of letters from MH advising of a £6k loan which I honestly don't recall ever having. This is bothering me more than the 1st issue as I've read J2 phone neighbours, send letters to entire street etc etc. How can I approach J2 to find out what the hell this is without acknowledging anything? Advice much appreciated.
  9. Apart from receiving a 'MOUNTAIN' of hassle despite advising of a Statute Barred debt, it seems MH have finally had their 'knuckles wrapped' by the OFT for the way they operate. I've had (and still have) ongoing issues with them over a debt that I informed them was Statute Barred but yet they still seem to pursue. Surfing the net for any other legislation I would throw at them I came across this article on the NDS (News Distribution Service) regarding a recent OFT investigation into MacKenzie Hall and their 'professional' attitude, read for yourself..... NDS - News Distribution Service This page is well worth a read and as I'm still having problems (which no doubt many others are) I intend to submit a complaint to the address given on the page as it seems the OFT are now monitoring MacKenzie Hall's every move.
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