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  1. My doctor has said to g and see him next week and he is going o refer me for councilng. The pressure is building up on me, I have been suspended on allegations of bribery and after my notice period I have to loose my house as we can't live on my wife's wages. I just can't go through hearing and desciplinary procedures, I'm not mentally coping at the moment
  2. Hi I have been suspended from work pending a hearing and disciplinary. I have been under so much stress that my doctor has signed me off sick, as I am about to loose everything including my house, job etc. I have handed my resignation in but as I have been there for over fifteen years I have to give three months notice. If I am signed of sick until after my notice period ends, what can they do as I will not be their employees. Also if doctor say I am ok to attend work do I have to attend the hearing, as I know with he stress and the frame if mind I am in I will not be able to face this
  3. Thank you for your support. Yes my house is in negative equity but I'm not in any arrears at the moment. However I am loosing my job in September and we need to go BR now so I can move with my mom and try to place my daughter in a school. If I hand my keys now will they work out the shortfall and wipe the mortgage and secured loan. Also is there a guideline for reasonable expenditure eg how much do I put in for shopping for 3 for example. Your support its appreciate it and hopefully this nightmare will end soon
  4. Thank you so much for your help. This guys is charging me 295 for joint bankrupcy, he said he will fill the forms and take us through our expenditures and help us with OR. Me and my wife are so stressed we can do with any help. CCCS are helping me I think hey we're one step or something. I wil phone them again. I feel my life is crumbled down at the moment
  5. Thanks. I have talked to National Debtline and other charities who help with debts and they said to get rid of the house first before going BR but unfortunately time is against me as I been told it can take up to six months for repossession o go through. I am really worried and not sure the BR services are giving me the right advise although the guy said he has one this for other people loads of time
  6. Hi all Sorry if this has been asked many times before. Me and my wife are about to go bankrupt by filling the forms and book our ours date. We have asked a BR service company to help us doing this as I can not handle he stress anymore. we have a mortgage and a secured loan on the house ( joint name) . Our mortgage is with NRAM for 265k which was one of e altogether mortgages I.e. 235k mortgage and30k loan, we are on interest only, in addition we have 69k secured loan from Firt Plus which we have been paying for the last 6 years so not sure what the outstanding ba
  7. Thank you all for you advises. I just don't know what to do, it just a mental torture for me and my family. They phoned today and said they are still investigating even though originally they said it will not take more than couple of days. I don't know what to think, someone said the fact that its taking so long is because they have got a concrete evidence but I keep thinking they just going deeper and deeper. Apparently I am not allowed to have a representation during my hearing, I am only allowed one at my disciplinary. I think it's so unfair that they will have all this time to put their ca
  8. I was told by someone who was there at he meeting, I don't want to raise it with the school because I don't want to put them in trouble and betray in their trust
  9. Thanks for your help. All the orders I place needs to be signed off by my manager, I am only the first signatory. Without my managers signature orders do not go to the supplier. There is also matter of record keeping of petty cash, only am and my manager have access to this and I was told to not keep any records because my employer do not lie large amount of petty cash. There are records of how much has come in but when it goes out there are no records, this has been happening from the day I started there in 1991 when I wasn't even responsible or it, so I don't know whether they are finding di
  10. Thank you so much for your kind words. I just don't think I be able to be allowed to work there again, and rather than putting my family through this is it better to quit now even nought they can carry on in my absence. My wife wants all this to be over or the sake of our seven year old. I have broken procedures but it all was with approval signature of my boss but it doesn't hide the fact that I have broken financial regulation which is a gross misconduct offence, I feel as if they will make a scapegoat of me and to make a point especially as if they cutting back and looking into ways of gett
  11. I have been suspended from my work pending investigations for gross misconduct with regards to financial irreguralarities and benefiting from placing orders on behalf of the university. It is now one week in my investigation and I have not heard anything. This has caused me and my family especially my young daughter under tremendous pressure to the point of my wife being close to going of work sick. I have been working there for 22 years and never been accused of anything like this. They have not told me anything bar that I am suspended for 3 weeks until they carry out their investigations.
  12. Thnak you very much for your advise. I really apprecuate all the good advise on this forum
  13. Thanks you all for all your advise. I phoned up again this morning and the lady told me to go to the branch and they can help me, I said I doubt this but she assured me this is the way to go. I took half day off work and went to the branch just to be told I have to wait for a letter and there is nothing they can do. This si getting so stressful as they honestly making me feel as I have commited a crime. I kept explaining to the lady that the money has come from Barclays and ironically they send me a statement saying Barclays bank PPI refund which I showed them and again she said they can not d
  14. Hi I have had a normal current account with Barclays for over 25 years now. I have not been using this account for the past 10 years as I switched banks but didnt close this. Had a small amount (£4) there and have left it there for 10 years now. Recently I claimed a PPI compesation against Barclays and I was successful, I recieved 12k from Barclays which I asked them to put it into this account, as they would not credit this to other banks. The money was credited to my account last frinday. On Monday I logged in to by internet banking account and paid some of my bills which went thr
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