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  1. Basically it is a serious breach of company policy and a sackable offence!. I went for my follow up today and in more managerial speak they told me it was my word against the trainer an no further action taken!. There is no answer for the 3 documents with my fraudulent signatures on, and no answer as to why i never got copies of my licences or where the the one in question went!. They have learned a lesson and will be issuing photocard licences instead of the current photocopy ones!. Not bad for a worldwide company!!.
  2. Sorry i will explain a little more.. I had an accident on the 2nd of september, proceedures followed accident reported! Retrained on the 4th of september. On the 15th i was having a bad day and vented my frustrations in admittedly an inappropriate manner. (This is a brief only for Managers and team leaders so not to public) on the 17th i was took into the office for using MHE without certificate, the manager who is heading the investigation is the manager who was heading the afternoon brief where i had my outburst! Sorry Emmzzi you wouldn't be the first to tell me i am useles
  3. Hi, Thanks for the replies. I have been suspended with full pay, i attended a meeting on friday where the manager produced all my licenses except the one im accused of not having. Under closer inspection someone has forged my signature on 2 seperate documents both relating to one licence. The Manager has also "authorised" my retest on the 4th of september, but he tells me in the interview that the case has only just been brought up as the day of the incident was his last day before a holiday!. The date of the incident was 2 days before this, at the minute he has pre-fabricated
  4. Hi all,Just need a little guidance..Just been suspended from work for using MHE without a certificate, take you back to 3 week ago when the incident happened i had hit some racking and reported it. I have today been informed there is no record of training and well the rest is history.Since the incident i have been retrained (on a diffrent truck) and allowed to use MHE again. I am in a team leader role and i had a bad day monday and maybe vented the wrong way and i believe this is the backlash of that. I did initially receive training last year when i was a general warehouse worker, i hav
  5. This is in England yes. But still either it be England/wales or Scotland he should know the law and my guess is he KNOWS the law. This was simply a case of power and bullying which backfired badly, if this was someone else with out the knowledge or the help they would of got away with it. Long live CAG
  6. Hey lefty, Forgive me if i am wrong but as for not refunding all monies, i thought they would have to under the repossession rights of the CCA 1974 Which states that if they do take back the goods without a court order, you have a right to claim back all money paid under the agreement.
  7. This story is truly shocking, at the very least i sense a full refund here as clearly stated within the agreement. A couple of months ago i sat waiting patiently for a perfect home rep to slip up. She did after 2 weeks of pestering, posted a card through the door demanding monies or criminal proceedings will be made against me. I sent her a text message explaining the Administration of Justice Act 1970 and how i was sending a letter to head office notify them of her breach. Also explained that all further doorstep calls will be by appointment only and communications to be in writ
  8. Hi Emma, Some very knowledgeable people on here who will be along to help shortly, in the meantime i will help you out. First off brighthouse cannot just walk in and take your couch. What you would need to do is phone their head office and explain to them that you are in a little financial difficulty but you are still prepared to pay them. Explain to them about the £20 that the store refused to accept yet transfered to yellow money. Do not let them take the couch as of yet, this is simple bully tactics to get you scared and have you phoning every tom dick and harry to get someon
  9. Thanks lefty i will be asking for a freeze on the account no doubt that will be contested. Hi kittex I won't be taking another tv from them once this is done with i am never going back. The reason for going there in the first place was because after moving house funds were short once all the diy was done. I am now in a better position to purchase one straight out, i am leaning on the OH to let me get a projector . For the price of a 32 inch in that place i could go and get a projector that would produce a 100 inch screen, makes you wonder really what type of profits them co
  10. Cheers lefty. I phoned them friday the manageress is on holiday (no surprise there) I explained to the guy that i did not have to pay and he said i do still have to pay until the decision is made. I was telling him that as it is a hire purchase agreement and i am no longer hiring it. He just blatantly interrupted and said "I don't know where your going with this story mate". So i just told him that the manager is to phone me on the saturday or no payment will be made. No phonecall was made so no payment was made. I have told the OH under no circumstances does she pay for the tv, as t
  11. Just to say i have looked over the contract and cannot seem to find anything relating to making payments. To add a little more the tv was taken away on tuesday and i have just rang them and they say that it has just gone to the repair center today. The manager and me both agreed on the phone that it was unlikely to be repaired due to age and damage. I dont see why i should have to make the payment this week i am not going to be getting the tv back and that the insurance will pay it off once declared uneconomical to repair. Would appreciate someone more in the know to respond before
  12. I don't think you will get a refund it is more likely that they will "not find a fault" and return it or find a like for like swap. I will also say good luck on the like for like swap because i waited for a long time and they are so picky it never happened. Probably because their technician "could not" find a fault even though i sent in a cd with a slideshow of faults with the tv.
  13. Quick background info. During the derby match last week the OH decided to do some cleaning/dusting around the tv. Due to the angle of which the tv is at you have to kind of twist it out. Having the missus see me do this loads of times she went ahead and moved it, then walking away to grab the duster the tv was to far over the edge resulting in it crashing on to a stool. The tv has been picked up and i know for certain it will fall in the uneconomical to repair category (big hole in the screen) so does one continue paying for this while its out for inspection?. The thing that ge
  14. I am in exactly the same position, although my tv is not broke (as in dead) i do have evidence on a disk showing what happens when i play the xbox on it. I also have a shadow on the screen that covers over a third of the screen. Their technician cannot find a problem, im apparently not allowed to get my own in to inspect (in case they tamper with it) They started blaming my xbox so i have a new one now and just building more evidence on a disk before i take the trip to citizens advice. Apparently the monies will not carry over if you were to take out a new tv this is what i
  15. The manager of perfect home wanted us to go down yesterday on what we thought was to pick a new tv. When we got there she had a piece of paper which had details of 2 refurbs, she says the options are to pick one of these tv's namely a sanyo or a AOC. Depending on which one we pick she could knock upto 6 months of the payments. Or we can just take out a new agreement and she will take 10% off the cash price!! This is her idea of deals even tho we have coverplus on the agreement. At the minute we have agreed to let her send our tv in for another inspection by the technician. We will
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