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  1. Thanks DX. I thought that would be the case. No doubt when they come back to my door I will have more questions! A very helpfull site and I will be making a donation.
  2. I sent away for my Credit file. I can see that there is a default on it from May 2011 relating to this matter. This default is not from the original CC company, but from the DCA whom I assume the debt was transfered to. The last payment i made to the card was about May 2009. Does this mean that the debt is SB'd ?
  3. Ok thanks I will. Is SB'd- Statute barred? Sorry, I'm not up with terminology.
  4. Yes the court is local. I am sure the last payment was sometime in May 2009 though i would like to find out for sure. Would that be on my credit file?
  5. Thank you DX. What should i do about the summons ? It gives 4 options 1) Admit liability and make written application to pay 2) Admit liability and attend court 3) Dispute the claim 4)Admit liability and apply for time to pay When does the 5 years start from? Is it the date of the default? I just need to find out what to do when the sheriff officers come back. Thanks
  6. Hi, I would appreciate any assistance. I had a couple of CC's years ago and lost my job for a year and 4 months. No repayments were made as i could'nt afford it and ended up getting into real dificulty financially. This was back in March 2009. I did receive demands for repayment for a while after i had defaulted and stupidly ignored them due to worry. Now i have received a small claim summons from sheriff court for £2400. Can anyone advise me if this is time barred as it has been over 6 years? And also what my options are? I would be gratefull for any good advice please
  7. I have received a PCN from a certain London council and in the PCN it shows 2 photographs of a vehicle illegally parked. The vehicle is not mine. The registration of the vehicle is the exact same as a vehicle which i do own apart from 1 digit. As i live in Scotland and have never even been at the place of the offence i have decided to just ignore the PCN. Is this the correct thing to do?
  8. Thanks for the advice. I will keep everyone informed.
  9. Firstly i would like to say wow! What a great site! loads of really good information. I received a PCN from Retail Parking Solutions for 'NO PERMIT DISPLAYED' I was actually going to sign on as i was recently made redundant. I honestly did not realise that the car park was for permit holders when i parked my car. Obviosly when i read the ticket on the windscreen i had a look about and did see the sign saying Permit Holders Only. This company want £25 as full and final payment if received within 14 days. If not then £50 is due within 28 days of issue. I grudge paying these people anyt
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