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  1. Thank you Fred. Im on my own while hubby is serving abroad with the Army and its all getting a bit much. Im going to have to pull myself together and I`ll post you some threads asap. In the meantime many thanks for your kind words xxxx
  2. Thanks everyone. Im sending my cca letter off today so Experto so lets see what happens now. I am also sending them advice that I have a claims company on board. Can I come back and ask for some more help if I need it ????
  3. I dont think that is a valid default letter. They have demanded the whole sum to be repaid and said they will close the account (their business) if you dont pay. Im sure someone more knowledgeable will comment.
  4. Hello everyone Thank you for being so kind. Im frightened so badly and I feel so ill its good to know there are people out there who care. My claims company is called Monster Claims and the lady there called Julie has been very kind and told me to phone her whenever I get scared. Im waiting for them to read the SAR paperwork and I will let you know what happens. Im going to take your advice and CCA Experto and MBNA again and see what happens. Love u all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  5. Im in too. After a year of no CCA, threats and harassment, Im coved with psoriasis and am on constant medication for depression. Im so scared I feel like killing myself.
  6. Im a bit of a novice here. I`ve taken on a claims company who has SAR`D MBNA for me and is looking at the paperwork now. Ive been doing this on my own for over a year now and they STILL havnt got my agreement. As soon as the claims company SAR`D them they seem to have decided it was too much trouble and sold the account. I dont know if that was because they saw that I have enlisted some help ??? Does anyone know if I shold CCA Experto as well ?? I have already done the "bemused" letter and it hasnt made any difference except that Experto wrote and said they would suspend activity whi
  7. No mention of Varde at all. I dont have a scanner but the DN looks exactly the same as others I have seen on here. It demands the full amount or they threaten to close the account and take further action. Forgive me if Im wrong but I was under the impression that whilst the account was in dispute, they are not supposed to issue ANY sort of DN anyway, let alone flogging it to a DCA ?????
  8. Oh yeah, one other thing. I had never heard of Experto Credite until one of their letters turned up, Id never been sent a notification of sale and when I pointed this out to Experto they got on to MBNA and I received a letter from them telling me to deal with EC from that time onwards. That was dated AFTER my letter to EC asking them who they were !!!!
  9. They sent me a letter that was supposed to be a default notice but insisted that I pay the full amount or they would close the account. As I pointed out at the time, they could ask for the alleged balance but asking for the full amount and then saying "bye" did not constitute a legal default notice so in a way Ive never recieved one. Never heard another word from them until Experto turned up. I think you`re right a lot of us seem to have been dumped on Experto in a pre Christamas clearout !! Ive already written a couple of times to Experto telling them that the alleged account was in disp
  10. Thanks M & M looks like we are both at about the same place. Im sending another letter to Experto saying that the alleged account has been illegally sold whilst in dispute and that they should return it to MBNA. I`ll let u know what they come back with.
  11. Hi everyone !! Not been here for a while but in my little war with MBNA they finally came up with an application form in response to my CCA request with a badly jigged signature box at the bottom by way of reply after 8 months. I employed a company claims company to SAR them on my behalf and lo and behold MBNA promptly sold the account to someone called Experto Credite whom Ive never even heard of has any one else know them and what they are like ?? So, no default letter, no deed of assignment, nothing, just a letter from a company Ive never heard of saying "pay up" !! I w
  12. Thanks Royal Yes I SAR`d them 6 weeks ago and they responded by selling the account to Experto Credite (!!) I have taken on a company called Monster Claims who are looking at this for me and Im wondering if MBNA sold the account simply because they didnt fancy getting to grips with a company rather than an individual ???
  13. Ive had a similar problem. I CCa`d MBNA back in November last year - no reply except a badly jigged application form 5 months later. In all Ive sent MBNA a dozen letters asking for the agreement to no avail and now I get a letter from Experto Credite asking me to contact them to arrange payment. I wrote back to Experto telling them I had never heard of them and received a letter from MBNA dated AFTER I sent this letter telling me that I had to deal exclusively with Experto from now on. So no default letter, nothing , am I right in assuming that MBNA have closed their own account ??
  14. mikeandlisa

    Mbna CCA,

    Dont worry about it Indebt, its just how they work. I have been pleading with MBNA for a valid CCA but no luck. Im even promised a court appearance and Ive asked for the CCA under the Civil Proceedure rules but nothing except repeated threats.
  15. That should start you off. If you are dealing with MBNA tho you will need to be strong. I have asked repeatedly for my CCA and despite the fact that they have written to me to say they cannot find an agreement or that they have my name spelled wrong OR that they have an incorrect address for me. They STILL insist on harassing me for money.
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