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  1. Hi all, just a quick update. I have received nothing at all from them or the court - no news is good news I guess??
  2. I thought that if they don't decide to proceed within 28 days of receiving my defence then the case would be stayed?? is that not the case?
  3. Keep the faith Alloyz someone will be along to help.
  4. Nothing to report - over 28 days since defence was submitted.
  5. Hi Smug, thanks for the wishes, no news yet.....no news is good news in my opinion! I know they have up to 28 days to decide whether to proceed or not before it gets stayed so not counting chickens at the moment. However it will be interesting to see how they explain my "signature" being not of my handwriting if they decide to go forward with it:wink:!
  6. Ok thanks Andy for all your help. I will keep in touch with updates when and if they happen.
  7. Well, now we wait - I have entered my defence online - am I right that they will contact the claimant with a copy of the defence or should I email Aplins with a copy
  8. Andy just checking, my original requests were sent to Virgin as they had issued the card - does that matter?
  9. Wow thanks so much for the help Andy - that is amazing. will check and if necessary ask questions but all looks good from my end.
  10. Andy, no need to apologise, I was just getting a bit twitchy. I am available all Monday am so will keep watching and waiting to see what your tweeks are to my bare bones defence. Thanks again
  11. Hi Guys, I know Andy is busy (and has his own life!) and I am very grateful for the help so far - however, my defence is due Monday 24th and because of the lack of time to post it by snail mail, I will need to enter the defence via MCOL (hope its working) either over the weekend or Monday at latest. Assuming I can do it on Monday and not it has to there by Monday..... Should I hold my nerve and wait for Andy's welcome input or put in the defence online before Monday. Any help gratefully received.
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