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  1. whats the point in sending letters if they clearly dont pay any attention to them? maybe we would be better having a day of action and target one at a time and send the same letter on the same day, if only to inconvenience them. might even get press notice - just a thought
  2. upgraded mobile with 3 over the phone and was offered a £19.68pm line rental plus a £200 comet voucher. phone arrived ok followed some days later by a letter confirming £30pm. now they say thats discounted and you cant with voucher also. several phone conversations later no you cant have both. of course their records show the higher payment agreed and conveniently they havent recorded the conversation either. as far as I'm concerned there was no doubting the agreement as it was repeated to me several times. either the advisor has made a mistake or deliberately misled me. either way they should honour it. I'm waiting for another call now from a manager but I can see where this is going. I want to keep as is good deal but also I have wasted so much time already. if I stop paying or pay £19.68 they can default me but what can I do? Anybody had similar problem and any help re your rights with contracts over the phone. thanks
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