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  1. I am having similar issues with b'clays, hardship, been a student and all that. Wondering what format of letter you sent, etc as i am considering giving it ago, I usually go 2,3,4 pounds or so, and get done by this stupid charge putting me 22,23,24etc in debt, which then goes on and on. Thanks for any help you can pass my way.
  2. Oh, and it was consumer direct that told me that i have no case, thats why i doubted that i could do anything.
  3. well thanks for all this, i have found the origional advert and will do what you have all said. Is there anything else i can do to make my case stronger.
  4. Just wondering, how many miles has the vehicle done? plus do you have the origional advert?
  5. Was with the autotrader, but they are not playing ball. They started out all helpful, yes they can, they are all archived, and then nothing. 3 more mails sent, and not even a reply back.
  6. Hey Having issues here, Purchased a vehicle a week ago, only for my brother to get it home and show me and find that the engine is infact no good on it. Cant tell the engine has gone, until revs go up, and then its clear. Issue now, trader saying he offers no warranty (said he did) and said he is no responsible. Stupid of me, but i didnt save the advert, so now its just all verbal what was and wasnt said. He claimed many things in the ad, and verbal, and i can prove that now 50% of the adverts was false. Where do i stand here? have a car thats useless? Howeve
  7. Hey thanks for that, cant find the advert so looks like this will make my case worse. I am not sure if i will get anywhere. does anyone have experience or know if i will as the car had 117k miles and maybe its assumed that this car with this type of miles will have some defects? dont know how the courts think..
  8. Yeah, will get on that. Is 117k miles going to be the sticking point as one may expect a car to have major defaults at this mileage? Will get it typed out.
  9. Hey Having issues here =). I purchased a car, well i didnt, my brother did on my behlaf. I read the advert, and liked what i saw, sent my brother to collect it and that was that really. When it came back, it had double the miles on it, but the guy said it had a new engine that had only done the advertised one, this i could live with. Next day, noise from engine, took to garage and they said engine has gone (heads). Rang dealer up, said "you havnt let the oil run low have you" funny he should say that, as when my bro got it to me, i had to put 2 lites of oil in in and h
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