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  1. Go for it Let me know if you want backup. And hello Mr Ireland(Company Manager/Director) as I know you read these posts. Have you paid anyone back your illgotten gains lately? .......... I am still waiting..........
  2. I have copy of accounts for 07 and 08 Authorised shares are 1000 @ £1 each = £1000 "Alloted, called up and fully paid 1 ordinary share of £1 each = £1" I dont know the difference and anyway how do you find who the shareholder is or are? - I guess its ireland as he has signed the accounts At another place it says Called up share capital £1 Profit and loss account £114112 Shareholders funds £114413 Again dont know how to interpret these figures Help please
  3. Thanks for the warning but........I am thinking a few of us go or have a Demo day down in his cul de sac with a few posters saying what a dodgy operator he is ie he has no proper offices and that he works at home and does not pay his debts. We could make it a summer party and we might find out a few things from his neighbours in our quest to get our money back. There is also the tax and VAT route I am checking if his BMW M5 is a company car as Bailiffs could seize it if it is. Any other ideas gratefully received
  4. Good news! Will let you know what I find when I visit Crawley Let us know what Bailiffs find or Card Service says Thx
  5. I have got Irelands address in Crawley Let me know if you want it or want to go there some time. Its a medium sized detached house backing on to park land in a culdesac judging by Google Earth. I spoke to him today through the PCS free phone number and he confirmed he lives in Crawley. He refused point blank to pay me even though I have a Court Order! and said he personally is not liable due to it being a Limited Company and the company have no assets I said I would try to have Credit Card status removed and have written to HSBC Mastercard. I am thinkiing of copying the letter to all the ot
  6. I am in Purley I got clamped in Bow E3 I am trying the credit card route - see if they can persuade company to pay I am trying to find items of value -has anyone seen a warehouse? They have a van delivering parking stuff Where does it park at night Court have sent me a copy of Court Judgement as well as the company so am considering finding Mr Gill or Mr Ireland Director of Magnaco / PCS and hassling them for the money they owe.
  7. Hi Crem Just to say it is not "advice " I have but INFORMATION These are different things. How can I put information on here that which might be seen by the Company that we are trying to get our money back from. They will see it and take steps to thwart us maybe. Also what is a PPC? cheers AD
  8. Hi I am delighted to be writing to you I have had the same saga as you I have a lot of useful info' that I could pass on but not on here as "they " might be reading these posts and I dont want them to know all I know Write to me with your latest news and I will tell you mine [EDIT] Cheers andrew
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