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  1. No I think it is more about the agent being lazy and using a tenancy agreement that really is not fit for purpose. We have rented two properties via this agent and both tenancy agreements are identical. My concerns are that the Head agreement the tenancy agreement has not been followed by the agent and because of the delays (over 4 months) in not registering the deposit and then clearly making a 'bodge' of registering the correct deposit my position is weakened because the DPS does not have particularly strong initial requirements where as the TDS does - in any event we have never received any
  2. I have a problem with my tenancy agreement and where my deposit should be protected. In my tenancy agreement under the core terms, section 1, it is stated that the letting agency would pay on my behalf the deposit to the Tenancy Deposit Scheme. The next condition specifically states that the deposit is held by the TDS and that the lettings firm is a member. Then later in the tenancy agreement it states that the scheme is administered by The Deposit Protection Service.??????? This condition is immediately followed by a number of conditions relating to the special clauses tha
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