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  1. Thanks for that any advice is welcoming
  2. Hi, this his for his children to a previous relationship they are now 19 & 21. We met in 2003 but I am worried what they will do as he has no earnings and they wont accept our dispute and recalculate. We have kept all paperwork and got his whole file from them, you can see their mistakes from this!! Thanks
  3. Hi I'm new to the forum but am hoping someone can give me a bit of advice. My husband is full time carer to our children and has no earnings (i work full time and support the family) We have just received a threatening letter from the CSA demanding payment of arrears. My Hubby had previously advised them that he was going to University and they conveniently deny this even though he has provided proof from the Uni, Inland Revenue and Jobcentre so his arrears are very inaccurate (they said it was too late to provide proof). We have disputed this before but to no avail and have again sent another letter of dispute. We would pay if they recalculated!! Does anyone know how we stand with regards payment, can they touch my wages?? This all happened previous to our marriage and I'm at my wits end with them, no one listens and they just repeat the same quotes over and over Also this was when he was in Scotland and he has lived here in England since August 2000. Thanks for any help
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