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  1. Hey Hallowitch, long time! Did everything you said, wrote letters and emails to everyone in the council and my MP, still no-one wants to know! It's an absolute joke! As it stands now, the bailiffs have posted through another liability order saying that they are going to force entry and that that is a totally legal thing to do! How dare they scare people with their bullying tactics, bloody leeches, the lot of them. Have started paying the council now regarding the outstanding council tax arrears and not heard anything to the contrary, so as far as I'm concerned, Chandlers L
  2. It's a liability order from unpaid council tax. From what I read on the internet last night, they can only break in if issued with a "warrant of execution" by a county court, of which they have to notify us of their intent before they come anyway. I hate what these guys are doing to poor people - frightening people who cannot afford to pay anything, through no fault of theie own. I really don't know how Gordon Brown hasn't looked into their illegal procedures. My original debt, according to the bailiifs, was £1296.80. Miraculously, it is now only £1046.80 - a difference of £250!!
  3. Thanks for that - nice to know there's still life on this planet! Just been looking it all up myself and think I've answered it - unless it's income tax arrears, which it isn't, then they cannot enter my property by force. I'm definitely not stupid enough to leave a window or door open either!
  4. Please help me. Having major problems with bailiffs and council combined! Can anybody answer me "If bailiffs have a liability order, can they enter your home by force, or is it still the same old story of that you have to open the door to them?" I'd appreciate a helping hand again!!
  5. Oh dear! Just finished watching that ourselves - reality TV's a growing art, if thats what you'd call it, but stranglely, it's very addictive!! Enjoy your vodka/irn bru & thanks for the heads up on the other threads.
  6. I'm planning on throwing ALL the windows open and dancing around to very loud music on Sunday!! I've already downed a few Jack Daniels and coke, but sure will give the vodka/irn bru a go - I used to love irn bru as a kid!
  7. Well hopefully this will give the council a kick up the a**e now and they'll have to do something about it - it's getting beyond a joke and i'm sick and tired of sitting here with the curtains closed! Parked the car about 10 minutes away, thank you for that genius tip!!
  8. WOW!! Well, I hope it works, coz nothing else has! Thank you once again, you have managed to calm my nerves!
  9. Thank you Hallowitch - I'll be waiting patiently. In the meantime, I guess I should feed my hubby too!
  10. I called them on Tuesday and again today because I hadn't heard from them. This is really all becoming too much for me - I can't live like this anymore, I've been in the dark for a week now and no bugger in authority wants to help! I read on another thread that if someone is depressed and get a note from the doctor, that the council have to take the debt back and tell the bailiff to f*** off - Is this true?
  11. I seem to be getting absolutely nowhere with the council - they are driving me nuts! I have written to my MP, not heard anything from her and council have said that they have spoken to bailiff company and they have agreed with us that we will repay them an extortionate amount a month over the next 6 months - THIS IS NOT TRUE!! We haven't heard from Chandlers Limited since the knock on the door last saturday. We have since found out that the bailiffs are charging an extra £292.80 on top of the original debt. I have said all this to the council, but they aren't interested. Any id
  12. Thank you very much for that advice. I have just looked at this blog and its very interesting indeed! Hopefully, we have sorted this mess out now, but it still doesn't change the fact that I, as are many people, am still sitting in my property with everything closed up, including the curtains! It's a lovely sunny day here and I'm sat in darkness! We live on the ground floor of a block of flats, so I'd rather not take any chances of them seeing me. Thanks again for your help - its much appreciated!
  13. I shall do that and I have made a note of every bit of advice that you have given me so far - I am eternally grateful. I can now go to bed and sleep!
  14. Well you really are a gem, aren't you Hallowitch! You should become a lawyer and get paid mega bucks for this information! You have certainly brightened my day and re-assured me that these B*****d's can't get away with this crap! I have just finished emailling my local MP - only hope she does something to stop this happening again to another of her constituents. I will call the council tomorrow and tell them everything that has gone on over the weekend and exactly what these guys have been spouting on their behalf. I will also take up the notion that sticking £250 extra onto m
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