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  1. Update on this. I wrote to Barclays highlighting the fact that no details relating to the loan application were included in the piles of blurb that they supplied me with in November. On this occasion they replied almost immediately - predictably the tone of their letter is somewhat sarcastic. I used the SAR template letter on here - that may have been my first mistake, as they point out "Your letter of ___ was construed as a comprehensive request for information under the terms of the act" - this would appear to be the reason for them sending half a trees worth of paperwork. In term
  2. Situation is ; 1)Wrote to Barclays, they waited until 30+ days were up before returning my postal order 2) Re-sent the PO's. They responded by sending me piles up on piles of paperwork, none of which was the document that I had asked for. 3) Here I am. In their defence (And I do not want to defend them :grin:) - the letter did say something about 'If the documents that you were expecting are not among these....' and I have the option of going back to them on that front, I suppose. I still seem to have 3/4 choices of how to proceed - Threaten court action, ask for a
  3. Update here - I have looked through everything that they sent me but there is no sign of the original application form(s). I have read elsewhere that I can put my claim in writing at this stage - is that correct ? Is the original application form an essential weapon in the PPI war ? I have just scrolled back through to see that my original post was in May of last year, yikes! The course of action suggested (Template letters) threatens court action within seven days but I would not have a clue where to start with all that business. Happy New Year and as always any help w
  4. Update on this.... Barclays have provided me with what they see as the requested information, I am guessing that there are around 3000-5000 A4 pages in total. I used the template letter from here, has anyone else had any such problems? I expected to get the completed loan application forms, not pages and pages of blurb which is going to take me an absolute age to browse..... It has taken me months to get to this stage and now its back to square one! MK
  5. Thanks for the response. I have read a vast amount of queries from people in my situation and the outlook does not look good, i.e. : If I ask them to cancel the PPI and refund the payments made to date I fully expect them to re-arrange a new loan using the balance as of 'Today', yet 24 monthly payments of £247 have made little in-roads to the £8k balance (Due to the way in which the loan interest is 'Paid off' first) and it is still over £7k as I write this..... SO - Instead of paying 'Interest on interest' (i.e. Getting a loan to settle an exisiting loan plus its interes
  6. OK, the stuff has now been sent to my branch and I have to go to pick it up. In the meantime I have been trying to get an idea of the figures involved. I have downloaded the 'Single Premium Calculator' but the results have me puzzled. Ball park figures ; £8.5k loan, £2k PPI over 60 months... 24 monthly payments of £247 made to date (PPI = £46/month) APR 13.9% So.... 1) Do I put my hand out for the £2,000 that was added to the loan at the beginning PLUS interest PLUS what I have paid to date, or 2) Do I approach them and ask for the 24 payments of £46 back and expe
  7. To make sure I was making the PO payable to the correct people I called Barclays telephone banking. I also asked them to confirm where the letter should be directed. The first guy gave me a number for the insurers in Dublin. I called back and spoke to another chap who suggested the customer contact centre in Coventry could deal with it and on third time lucky I was given an address in Leicester. What a bunch of jokers !
  8. After a long wait and hearing absolutely nothing I opened an envelope this morning to find my letter, a £10 postal order and a Barclays compliment slip with the words 'No payee on cheque' written on it. It was not even a cheque! I suppose I make it out to Barclays Bank PLC - though if that is wrong I will have to wait another 40+ days to find out. Idiots
  9. Alanalana, Many thanks for the advice. Is there a way of calculating the impact that the single premium has had on my loan in the given period? Whilst I can apply for £47/Month + 13.9% interest over 17 months, there is still 43 months worth accruing interest on the loan's balance. I have not read any success stories for single premium policies and so I need to establish whether it is my responsibilty to provide accurate figures or if I should expect either B's or FOS to do the homework..... I will print the letter, get £10 of postal orders and get this underway. MK
  10. Hi guys, In October 2007 I signed up to a 60 month Barclayloan which included PPI and was added as a single premium. I have a copy of the loan agreement and I am looking to reclaim the payments made to date and also ask that the loan is restructured, on the basis that the guy on the end of the phone gave me the 'If you take the insurance you can have the funds in your account tomorrow' speech. I have read mixed things about whether to include PPI charges plus 8% or PPI charges at the loan rate (13.9%). Is this down to each individual case? Also, am I right in thinking that this process
  11. Hi Slick, I appreciate your help. To put some figures forward, the agreed OD is £2300 and the reserve £500. I cannot open a parachute account with an OD of anywhere near this amount, nor can I start to eat into the debt because on a monthly basis I am debited either £88 or £110 + additions fee + OD interest and I just get nowhere. I got as far as opening an A&L account but they could not give me the Max £2,500 OD without me supplying them with proof that I had not exceeded my limit with B's.... Even if Bookie is successful it would not make me confident enough to take the threatening rou
  12. Thanks for the advice Slick. I imagined that there would be an easier way than wading in threatening court action etc. I cannot risk that route with the chance that they cut the reserve or worse cancel my OD facility as I have no means of making settlement. I am in the reserve month in, month out and by August that will have been a year of paying £22 every 5 working days. I am also looking to reclaim PPI insurance on a loan so I may explore that avenue first. I am over the preverbial barrel with my bank account though by the sound of it.
  13. Hi all, My situation is slightly different to the others that I have read.... Last May I separated from the Mrs. I telephoned Barclays to request that they did not send any statements etc to my old address but I was informed that there was no way to 'Block' the sending of correspondence. I was told that my address could be transferred once I visited the branch with proof of my new address. I spent four months living with friends who ran a pub at the time, so I was unable to produce a utility bill in my name or proof of my address because it was only temporary. In the meantime th
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