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  1. I'll give him a ring and see if he has, if not i'll get him to set it up and then check it through with him. Thanks for your help everyone
  2. I did send his £10 off and they've cashed it! Im sure I saw on another thread that someone checked their lists of transactions after finally receiving statements and 50% of them were missing!
  3. Thanks for that, think I'll claim it and see what they say - that is after they've sent the proper statements of course!! Cheers
  4. Yea I'm not sure about the Overdraft usage fee, although the amount does vary and is charged at different times. He has an authorised overdraft, and pays an Account charge of £10 per month - maybe I'll see if there is an email address so that I can ask one of the Lloyds staff to explain what it is! I'll send the DPA LBA off tomorrow and hopefully they'll send proper statements this time. Thanks
  5. I've printed out the DPA LBA which gives them 7 days to provide the statements - hope thats right!
  6. I'll send that as soon as the deadline is up then ;-) Thanks! Money
  7. I successfully claimed against the Abbey for the last 6 years - does this mean I can go back even further even though they've already coughed up??? Money
  8. Hi I sent a DPA asking for statements relating to my old Abbey credit card. I had this card a few years ago, got into financial difficulties after moving house and ended up having my account transferred to a debt collection agency, and resulting in a CCJ I provided my name, address, and account number but Abbey say they cannot find any records So what next? Do I give up (which I dont want to do!) or is there something else I can do?? Money
  9. Hi As I successfully claimed back my charges from Abbey & NatWest my brother-in-law has asked me to reclaim his from Lloyds. I sent off the DPA asking for 6 years worth of statements and have only received lists of charges. Is it right to accept these and assume they are correct or should I ask again for statements as requested? Also the charges have different names and I'm not sure what I can claim for, I'll list them below: - Overdraft interest Overdraft usage fee Overdraft excess fee All help greatly appreciated as I would like to get the ball rolling asap!
  10. Thanks for that, will be listing the charges out tomorrow then and posting it off
  11. Hi Can I reclaim these charges? There are loads on my brother-in-laws account at various amounts - some are £40! All help greatly appreciated Money
  12. Hi Sam Well done and congratulations! It's a great feeling when you get your money back Am I missing something though, are we still supposed to be claiming for time spent etc. - can you point me in the right direction for the costs sticky? Cheers Leigh
  13. Hi Noobrider Looks like they might have! It maybe because my case was in the process of being transferred to the Mercantile Court in the Strand??
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