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  1. Hi the paper work is all from Household bank HFC from the original loans, but when we re financed it does not show the PPI refunded on them? but we never got the money back, also the FOS said one of the loans was a monthly payment and not a single premium but it was not, but he states the HFC have said it is? it seems they are siding with them, FOS seem to believe them and not us, even though i have given all paper work i can find relating to the loans and PPI? the time scale is around 5-8 years
  2. HI all i have been dealing with HFC/Household and the FOS for nearly 2 years now re the miss selling of PPI on 3 loans we had, around 2 weeks ago i got another call from the senior manager, as my case was passed to someone higher after i was not happy with the outcome of the adjudicator originally, he said that HFC had paid all money owed to us through the loans, when we paid them off? I disputed this and have done for around 3 years now, then i called him Friday, and HFC have said they cannot find the paper work to show that we were refunded the single premium PPI on the loans? and al
  3. Hi Dx and all spoke to the FOS yesterday for over an hour, i told him how disjointed i was that HFC have pulled the wool over his eyes as well as myself, he is now passing to an adjudicator to re open the case and a full investigation is now ahead, HFC have 2 weeks to get the full file to FOS but time scales after that they would not comment? I also finally explained that it was 3 loans and not 1, he really thought that the offer last September was for 1 loan but after checking all the paper work he realised that it was the 3 loans and he apologised? i am still very nervous leaving the
  4. Ok thanks DX is that it though, how much longer can this go on as for as the FOS by their emails they have just rolled over and given in the the infamous Mr Siggers
  5. well i have had the following 2 email from the fos re my claim against HFC pleasd read and advise i am so annoyed 1st email from FOS today at 1.20pm: I note your comments and would state that I spoke with HFC earlier today to ascertain a timescale for the settlement to be paid. I have been advised by HFC that it sent you an offer letter directly, in September 2009, which contained a form of acceptance and they are waiting for this acceptance form to be signed and returned by you. I must say I was unaware that this was required and felt that the settlement form I sent would su
  6. hi Dx i did try and tell the FOS a few weeks ago on the phone that we never got money off when ever we refinanced, but he just was not listening at all i am really worried now and to send another SAR is mad i have been chasing these Muppet's for years
  7. oh no dx why do the FOS give the guide lines then for 8 weeks and they blatantly miss use the deadlines they are ****
  8. Hi DX yes it was refinancing and the secured 4th loan was the straw that broke the camels back nearly lost our home, they hounded us every month we would get a letter to call to the Cardiff branch never explaining why when we get there it would be "oh we thought you would like a further loan" and being stupid we would agree? stupid really now we would never do it but at the time we were young new home owners and wanted it all i suppose, god are we paying for it now
  9. Hi all just an update really HFC have until Wed next week to get the offer to us, i cannot believe the the FOS think that they would of got back to us by now, i have now emailed the FOS adjudicator who is dealing my our case telling him they have still not got back to us, they have had over 8 weeks really, they have had around 10 weeks and still nothing, even though the FOS have said they have to pay us back all the PPI single premiums and 8% interest owed, it's terrible anyone else been kept waiting and waiting? they are quick enough to take money from us i hate it???
  10. yes i am digging out everything hope to find and sort it all by tonight if not will post it all tomorrow there are 4 agreements i think in total
  11. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/payment-protection-insurance-ppi/256768-ppi-hsbc-hfc-fos.html is that how you post your thread? sorry if it's wrong
  12. Hi all had good news well I think it is i am after a bit of knowledge from here if anyone can help. Had a message to ring the FOS they said HFC have agreed to a full refund of the premiums paid plus the 8% interest well I have calculated between £8000 and £11000 would this be the offer that will give, I am jumping for joy inside but worried also they will come back with another mickey mouse offer. The FOS said they are upholding the claim against HFC so is this good news? can someone advise?
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