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  1. I am not a customer of BT and have not been for two years yet I keep recieving phone calls from them where someone states that as a loyal customer they are reducing my bills I have had five of these calls today already which keep getting cut off halfway through. They are a pest how can i make them shove off?
  2. I had a similar problem with BT and contracts a while back. I was informed that they do not have to state that you are entering into an agreement (which they frequently forget to say) and as soon as you activate your account then you are liable for a year. I was basically told that I should automatically know that I am entering into a contract even though they don't bother to tell you. You can try and complain to the company.
  3. I can't really afford to pay anything until i get a job or get my student loan
  4. I asked my uni's "money doctors" about what to do, they gave me a leaflet and told me it wasn't their problem. The credit card is now with Geoffrey Parker Bourne solictors and the overdraft was with triton but got passed to Allied International last week.
  5. Yes I do, I spoke to the debt collection agency and they said even if i start the process of reclaiming they are required to recover the full balance anyway. The credit card debt collector said months ago they were starting legal proceedings but I have still not heard anything from them.
  6. They are saying they intend to but I have not recieved any papers yet.
  7. I had a credit card the first time i was at uni when I left due to illness I couldn't afford the payments and my student overdraft started gaining interest as well because I was no longer a student. I went on incapacity benefit and agreed with the credit card company to pay back £10 per month. I kept in contact with my bank but the interest of £35 a month was too much for me and I ended up switching banks because they would not offer me any help at all. so it kept gaining interest and charges they are currently applying for a CCJ against me because I cannot pay any of the balance, my bank offe
  8. I do have a student account with an overdraft of 1400 all used up (paid half my tuition fees with it) I just need temporary relief until my loan comes in (I will get my tuition fees paid next year so my finances should be ok). Not quite sure how to get credit and I think my credit rating is bad. On a good note I have earned a few pounds doing mystery shopping though this does not bring a lot of money in at least I'm trying!
  9. Thank you YourBank I shall check this out!
  10. Thanks for the advice but my university told be I would not be intitled to income support or housing benefit they have told me they cannot help in any way shape or form. I emailed them a week ago to check again if there was any funds available and have not recieved a reply. This may just all get sorted out soon as if i do not pay my rent by 17th july I have been told to vacate the property and have been issued with a notice of seeking possession by the council. This will mean I have to leave university and go on JSA.
  11. Yes I have. I got a one off 25hours last week but that was all I could get so far. Plus I was ill during the second semseter which means I have assignments to complete over the summer.
  12. I have actually contacted my university about their "summer fund" they have informed me that it only goes to lone parents and that I should get a job. Which is easier said than done. I have told them if i don't get money soon I will lose my accomodation and will have to leave uni. They have basically told me they don't care. My student loan for this year was less than everyone elses due to previous study and barely got me through the academic year, which when I went into the uni they calculated my budget divided by the weeks in the academic year. Therefore according to them I have (just) enoug
  13. I recently have got a letter from Tiscali, they say they are restricting my internet access because I no longer pay by DD. Are they allowed to do this? they still get there payments and at the same price so I don't understand their problem.
  14. Thanks for your help. The debt was origionally a student overdraft of 1800 which is now a debt of 2300 due to interest and charges.
  15. Got a lovely phone call today. Triton have informed me if I do not pay my debt or agree an arrangement (which is not possible at the moment) that they will send a debt collector to my door. I have informed them that they will not gain access to my property in anyway. I was of the impression that they needed to issue a CCJ against me before any debt collectors were allowed to come round, is this true? When I mentioned this he went a bit quiet. A majority of the debt is charges which I have recently issued a claim for. I am a full time student my loan is gone for the year
  16. I am posting this on behalf of someone else who would appreciate any advice! There is currently a tenant in his property, she has recently not paid rent and has stopped answering the phone. The property is managed by foxtons He is worried as he will be unable to pay his morgage if she does not pay. Also the Gas certificate is about to run out and because she is uncontactable he cannot arrange for the Corgi chap to come round. Foxtons have said that there is nothing they can do until she is two months behind, there is only two months left on her contract. They hav
  17. I sent them a letter and filled in some form explaining how much money I had and all that and I offered them £10 per month as at the time it was all I could afford
  18. Debt is credit card, solicitor is geoffry parker bourne I made an agreement to pay £10 a month with them which we did in writing. sorry about being so fast and mental I was paniking!
  19. For 3 months I have not been able to pay my agreed £10 a month to my balance, I have informed the solicitors of the situation and they are taking me to court. I am unsure what to do now. The fees that they said will be put on top of my balance will pretty much negate the small but regular amout I have managed to pay over the last couple of years. I literally have no money (I am looking for a job which I informed them) so when they take me to court they won't be able to get anything (I can't even afford the rent) I am also worried by the time the papers come through i may have got next years st
  20. DD was set up on 1st june 2009, the account went into default on the 6th may 2009. the bank said they have cancelled the DD twice in the last week and that its likely they'll try and set it up again even though I pay them from a different account. If there had've been money in there they would have taken payment twice
  21. the bank told me they had closed my account, that all cards and cheque books were no longer valid and that they had the debt bought off and i was dealing with someone else. surely they cannot reinstate a DD without my authorisation though? just spoke to the bank the account had got lost .they said that the account cannot be used but tiscali keep trying to reinstate the DD and they have tried to take payment again today and the DD has been cancelled again and the bank say that tiscali can keep reinstating it and there is nothing the bank can do (exept add a new charge each time it happens)
  22. It is for my phone bill. It is the bank account that has been closed not the phone account(by natwest and sent to a DCA as the charges mounted) I am still with the phone company but the DD was cancelled when I went into the bank a year ago. There has been no DD payments from this bank account in a year and I have been paying my phone bill online from a different account. It seems the bank have suddenly decided to reinstate the DD on an account that the closed
  23. I had a DD with my phone company to an account, this was cancelled over a year ago and for some reason reactivated this week and I have a unpaid item fee for something which shouldn't have gone out. The account in question (natwest) was closed by them 2 months ago as I defaulted (interest on overdraft and charges crippled me and I am not working). I have not used the account since september and the direct debit has not been taken out for a year can anyone advise me?
  24. Hi everyone! I'm having problems and I wondered if anyone has any advice. I have returned to university (sept2008 )whilst I get the full student loan, the problem is this covers me for the term time it will not cover me for the summer months. I have been trying to get a job but have found this impossible so far and as I live alone I have rent, bills and have to eat over the summer and I don't know what to do!
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