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  1. phewwww ok guys here goes...all help needed plz!!!! I currently work in a small based production company (just 11 employees) I was employed as a production operative and after years of hard work I got promoted to quality assurance co-ordinator.... few people have left the company that I work for....so the manager has taken the production supervisor off the production floor and placed him in the office...... I have been left to my own accord to maintain the day to day running of the production floor, today all the office staff received new job titles and when I asked my manager what my job title was she made me aware that I have 2 job titles....1 production operator 2 quality assurance co-ordinator....(I am currently receiving basic wage as my production supervisor has been given a company car for work related) one of the employees has reported me for using obscene language (which I didn't) so I have been told by my manager today that I am going receive major misconduct? the employee that reported me his father works for the company as the accountant, I also made my manager aware of all the mistakes my employee was making and she told me that I need to be careful by what I say as everything is getting reported back to her... im really upset and I dont know what to do.......any advice would be greatly appreciated....thanks in advanced
  2. I to have had an absolute nightmare regarding PTPD ithey rang me and i told them i was in financial difficulty that i couldnt repay them all at once i got a loan of £280 because i missed the repayment date i have to pay back £422.59, they were not interested in what i had to say, then the following day when i went into work one of the ladys in the office came and handed me a piece of paper with PTPD phone number on it saying that they had left a message on the answering machine regarding my account being in arrears:mad2: was so humiliating, they then past my file on to CRS some DCA they were not interested in accepting a monthly payplan any advice would be greatful
  3. i received a letter 2day to say that they had assessed and approved my financial hardship but as a goodwill gesture they would give me £2053 in stead of £3089. and if they lost their court case i would get the rest then is it a good idea to take the 2k now or wait till after the test case
  4. not sure if this is the right place i had an account with studio i owed them £17.89 i always forgot to pay them on time guess what i now have a bill of £117.89 they kept addingon charges so i sent them an email (got a letter template from this site) and guess what they have reimbursed all my charges and my accout was in £26.25 credit. just want to say that tis is a fantastic site keep p the good work guys god bless
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