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  1. Today i bought a new car and im trying to get insurance on it at the moment. The problem is the police have my licence at the moment as i got 3 points a couple of weeks ago. These 3 points take me over the new driver 6points in 2 years rule (im stupid i know). Ive just phoned the DVLA and they say they havn't been notified of the points yet so legally, at the moment, i still have a full valid UK licence. A couple of questions regarding insurance... They will know about the points and ive checked and the revocation of my licence doesn't make a difference to the premium as its not an actual
  2. but the thing is im not getting banned for a lenght of time, im not getting banned at all. its just they revoke your licence and you have to retake your test. my question is if for example i had just repassed my test today is it possible for me to get an accurate quote online. on the conviction codes (sp30 for example) there is a totting up of 12 points but there doesnt seem to be one for the new driver rule. do i just have to put full licence held for less than one month and that should be it or what?
  3. i have recently sent off my licence and paid the fine for my final 3 of 6 points within my first 2 years (yes i know im stupid before you all start) im now getting car insurance quotes for when i repass my test but does anyone know on comparison sites how i would get an accurate quote? they ask about any bans in length of months but you dont get "banned" as such for a time period so i dont know if the quotes im getting are right. im putting held licence for less than 1 month so should that make them aware. Any help greatly appreciated!
  4. If anybody say my previous threads i've sorted my Germany in 5 weeks problem.... my girlfriend is now doing the driving lol. Not the best option but its better than cancelling the holiday and not going at all. So, next thing is trying to keep my licence so i think im going to go down the court route now. I've been reading up on mitigation and a traffic offence law firm has offered to "prepare my mitigation in full and present it to the court" for £250 + VAT. From what i understand from what i've red on the internet its just a letter explaining what difficulty its going to cause me to loos
  5. well i started this new thread just to see if anyone knew if i could drive on the fixed penalty notice in Germany. im going to pay the fine and accept the points as late as possible and prey the DVLA are busy so take a while. i've rung the German Embassy again and they're finding out and letting me know. So fingers crossed and i'll let you guy know when i do, just for future referance
  6. i got a fixed penalty notice the other day so im going to have to hand my driving licence in for the points putting on but i am going over the the Nurburgring (Germany) in a few weeks time. now i know in the UK you driving using the fixed penalty notice whilst they have your licence but will the German authorities accept it as a licence? ive phone everyone i can think of and no one knows! ive phoned DVLA, RAC Legal, the German Embassy.... no answer to the question anywhere! anybody?
  7. but if i got insured on someone elses car i still wouldnt have my "physical" driving licence............?
  8. just having a couple of second thoughts regarding this. i know im pretty much 100% going back to been a learner and will have to re do my test but my main thing is keeping my licence until Germany, 5 weeks time. if i wait until the last minute to pay the fine will they start processing the taking of my licence from that point or have they already started that? because i have 28 days to say whether i want to accept the points and pay the fine or take it to court. so if i leave it till the 28th day then its unlikely that i'll have my licence revoked within a week isnt it?
  9. but the dilemma im having is that if i dont go to court and get my license took off me straight away then i loose all this money ive paid for this holiday. i know its loose loose, but do you have any idea how much, just roughly, the court fees would be?
  10. i'll just start this by saying i know ive done wrong and deserve whatever i get but the situation is............ i got pulled yesterday speeding at 83mph on a motorway. 3 points given and 28 days to decide whether to accept it or take it to court. i already have an SP30 which i got 06/02/07 on a motorcycle with provisional license and CBT. I have been passed my full car driving test since October 07 so im still within my first 2 years of driving so i dont know if the 6 point within first 2 years ban rule applies to me as i only got 3 of the points within the 2 years of passing,
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