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  1. Hi Fly, they've sent a letter,saying they receivedmy CCA on the 4th June 09. I know they signed for it on the 30th May. Do I still send the default letter on the 15th, today ? Cheers
  2. Thanks for the support guys. Will let you know whether they decide to acknowledge my CCA, or just pretend they've not received it. Will file this 'REMINDER' under SPEW!! Will send the default letter on the 15th, do you think that I should put a photocopy of the Postal order receipt for £1.00, which has their name printed on it + the special delivery receiving signature in with the default to prove i sent it? Once they default and if they continue to send letters, can i do something about harassment? Cheers P.S should I ask for my £1.oo back because they've not used it for the purpose intended ?
  3. Hi Fly, just thought I'd let you know that I sent CCA request letter to Marlin via special delivery. They received it on the 30th May '09, I've got a print out of the signature to prove it. Received a 'REMINDER' letter yesterday, dated 5th June '09. It says ' we note from our records that you have not responded in respect to our previous communications regarding the above debt '. Clearly I have, I have the Postal Order number receipt also. Do you think they are trying it on, hoping that I'm actually going to call them ? Do you think I should ignore this letter as I've all the proof that I sent and they received my CCA ? If they received my CCA on the 30th , is it 12 working days +2 ? Will the 25th put them in default of my request? And if so , should I send them a letter stating thisafter the 25th ? I know i've asked alot of questions but your reply will be v.much appreciated. Cheers, No Angel.
  4. will write a letter today (UNSIGNED) with a £1 postal order and send it recorded delivery. see what happens ?? Thankyou Flyboyagain, didnt expect to get a reply so soon, cant tell you how much better I feel. will let you know how i go on. bye
  5. thanks for your replies, good to know that I'm doing the correct thing. Which section do I quote for a credit card ?? New to this and dont want them to take advantage of me being a bit green on the subject. CHEERS
  6. hi. received a letter from Marlin financial services telling me that my debt to Yorkshire has now been passed to them. if I dont contact them I should expect enforcment action and one of their 'feild agents' may call on me. As first contact, should I reply in writing requesting a CCA ? as telephoning just leaves you open to bullying and more telephone calls. Any advice on dealing with these bloodsuckers would be appreciated. Cheers
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