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  1. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?323206-Lloyds-BOG-OFF-Letter-2009&p=3585148#post3585148 :???:
  2. Have i slipped up on this one On the 18th June 2009 i wrote to LTSB to reclaim £2600 in charges and got the usual BOG OFF letter at the time i was also in battle with barclays (WON) and i have kinda forgot about this till now due to a bumble bee moment my question is .......my original claim was from June 2003 ..would i still be able to claim from that date today as i had contact with them in june 2009 or would the 6 year rule still apply if so this is starting to add up to some pretty big bucks with interest in restitution (£1200 for 2003 alone)
  3. What about the singer in the 80's ............ Ivor Biggun ( Doc Coxs from "Thats Life" ) the record label he was on was called stiff coxs Remember the song make it the song you sing in your head today
  4. I do understand the stress you must be under right now, Being LTD means a Creditors Voluntary Liquidation is going to cost above £ 2500 (somtimes paid in advance or from the sale of business assets on Liquidation) as for the staff you have working for you, if you cannot pay the staff wages make them redundant immediately as it is unfair on both sides (these are the people you are likley to meet in the supermarket) now when a Liquidator takes control of the business they will try to sell the assets as soon as possible (this only adds to the cost of Liquidation fees and somtimes the assets are not sold for true market value) my advice would be to hold off on the Liquidation for a while and do the job for them yourself, make the staff redundant, re-stock what you can with suppliers - sell what ever is left yourself, leave the rental property and relocate the business address to your home for contact by mail purposes, this will give you some breathing room and reduce possible Liquidation costs as to the 9K you have in the bank (personal account, i hope) think about "the right of set off" clause that the banks have your main problem is the personal guarantee, as you have said selling your home is maybe the only way (but you do have time to maneuver while they are chasing for payments) hopefully you could find a job and keep your home if there is plenty of equity in the house now life is full of choices, do you Liquidate or wait to be Liquidated (both have good and bad merits based on cost) sell the house or wait to be repossessed (both have good and bad merits dependant on the equity in the house and current house rental prices) Chin up, Best Foot Foward and all that.......
  5. Are you an LTD Company and who are your main creditors
  6. Tiz Me......I'm Back roaming CAG for a while Me and the MUNGYPUP have been thinking about these arrears fees (we did have a mortgage with Abbey / Santander - but now free and clear ) So is it the usual route....SAR....LBA....CC or have we got our Paws crossed Advice would be welcome as i can't find a right lot on CAG
  7. As such this is not a "Debate", it is nothing more that a renegotiation of the renegotiation by renegotiation when anybody dares to pose a view other that one that renegotiation has renegotiated by renegotiating with renegotiation in five of the last six posts as for the above quotation, it just seems to be yet another self serving renegotiation of this thread I find this line in particular quite funny "any further insane and unhinged posts will also be reported" apart from Mungypup and Uncle Tez, the only other subscriber to this thread is now renegotiation, renegotiating with renegotiation on how to further renegotiate this thread into some sort of renegotiation of all the above negotiations
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by Beck1968 Firstly I will use your own words....... if it is all here 'already', then why are they pushing so damn hard for more political union The fact is you, me and every other member of the human race on this planet need to get along, or not only will we kill Ourselves, but all the other species on this planet. we need to adopt a set of global laws that govern the acceptable actions of mankind for instance - in some countries, it is acceptable for a girl of less than 10 years old to be married to drive a car with no driving licence to hold 50 pounds of explosives in your own home laws not only govern but protect the public Renegotiation Tell you what. How about I see that working in our country before expanding it globally? Furthermore, I take it you are of the opinion that the people should have no say in this? Beck Take a look at the last two of my previous statements and then take a look at your response Renegotiation I am very happy to talk you through all of this one step at a time. First things first, are you saying that my response to all of what you said should simply be based on the last two lines of what you said? If not, then why are you focusing on the last two lines of what you said in relation to my response? Please, answer me this question and I will happy to assist you further Beck As above i said take a look at my last two statements So you think it is Ok for a girl of under 10 to be married.....you must be a sick individual to think that, and i would hope you are already on the sex offenders register as for the rest....your just A Not Right
  9. Uncle Tez......You to the words right outa my mouth...........(time to sing)
  10. Maybe you should re-read the above:idea::idea::idea::idea::idea:
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