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  1. A very interesting Post. I don't have to tell you that, in Law, the present Will is the valid one. The situation needs to be discussed with your family Solicitor. He will advise you on the steps you need to go through in challenging this particular Will. There are obviously issues such as your step fathers age, his mental state at the time in question of writing that particular Will (medical records) and his Widows past history. Whilst he may have appeared, to all intents and purposes sane when he wrote the Will out, his medical records may tell a totally different story. It would be interesting to get 'sight' of the new Will although, this once again, might be problematic. I certainly wouldn't attempt anything further without, as suggested, discussing it with your family Solicitor. I would be inclined to issue a Caveat under the premise of you challenging the validity of the Will. It's a legally complex issue (as I well know) and I would be inclined to move fairly quickly. (The Caveat suggestion is on the assumption that his Will actually goes to probate)! There really are more questions than answers at this stage I would be extremely interested to hear your Solicitors comments.
  2. Sorry if I gave the wrong impression about that. What I meant was that after nearly 6 years, and STEP pressing ministers to act, nothing has been done. STEP surveyed its members then and found that 50% of those that replied (according to the article) had come across suspected fraud or theft from an estate. The estimated cost then was £150 million. Remember that a beneficiary has little or no rights (hence the importance of reading the article). How the allegations are dealt with by the Police, again, is a Post Code lottery. Basically seen as a white collar crime, with the instigator usually having several years to plan the crime, its difficult to investigate because person who left the Will is dead. Going in to a deep period of financial instability, as the UK is now, expect this crime to rise to a level unimagined even then. The police, with even more limited resources, will be inclined make sure it is marked "no further action". A true figure is impossible because, in most cases, the money will have been spent on items which without police help would be difficult to ascertain. Most banks will not supply information without a legal challenge, for fear of legal action against themselves Anybody with a similar problem needs to Post on the site. I'm extremely interested A sad and sorry situation
  3. Think you replied to my original reply? It makes disturbing reading in the sense that, since 2005, the promised legislation has never appeared. No doubt with the economic downturn, this particular crime will increase even more
  4. Checked the link initially and it appears to be broken. If you type in Google Times Wills and why you it comes up. Its an old article going back to 2005 but makes disturbing reading !
  5. I apologise for the delay in any kind of update on this matter recently. There have been several delays, all ending with a rather disturbing dead end. It came as no surprise when I was informed, by my Solicitor, that the Halifax Bank could find no signature in relation to monies withdrawn from a savings account for a BACS payment. For over two years, the Halifax Bank have used every trick in the book not to disclose this information. Now they say they cannot find it after dozens of requests going back to 2009. (Numerous complaints on this issue were totally ignored by the Halifax Bank over a two year period). The issues raised are disturbing. It shows that the fos, who initially told the Halifax Bank to disclose this information to me, and then later stated that the Halifax Bank did not need to disclose this information to me at all, are culpable. The figures involved are now in the region of 150k, and my own allied enquiries go back to over a decade, in separate issues now involving the Halifax Bank West Mercia Police? Having spoken with several seasoned Police Officers they found the whole issue quite bizarre. They had never in their service years heard of anybody being questioned over the telephone in a matter of fraud. EVER !. The question each one raised was simple. How would you know who you were talking to? (unless you knew them). Its interesting to note that other organisations are now involved, and on some surprising new issues. However it is a salutory warning of what can happen if you do not question everything. The account in question was disclosed by honest local branch staff. The Halifax Bereavement Centre spent two years trying to make it go away. It hasn't trust me. If you look at the Halifax Bereavement Centre Website it says "specialist advice relating to any account held with us". A total fallacy. Be very careful indeed !!!!! www.timesonline.co.uk look at Wills and why you can be cheated !!
  6. Pleased that you realise your situation. Can I suggest the following? go www.timesonline.co.uk. Look for 'Wills and why you can be cheated'. Yes, sadly the old days are gone, and this article might make you aware of what could 'possibley' be happening whilst you contine to delay further action. Never assume anything, and whilst her behaviour could be classed as eccentric, it could also hide something else. Fraud. Make your visit to the Probate Office as quickly as possible. In respect of the Will Writing Company? Again, they are not required to discuss the Will with you or give you a copy of anything (and won't). Action is as follows for yourselves. Probate Office Solicitor Police No other possibility exists at this moment in time. For every day you waste, the more you stand to lose. Whilst I appreciate this scenario is sometimes difficult for anybody, it really is the only way forward. The spat last night was a little fun rest assured. No offence was taken and absolutely non meant
  7. Naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa fell for that one 50 years ago. Still paying. Pleasure chatting with you. Take care x
  8. Had to delay this Saga till the 5th/6th of March. I have one further enquiry to make and then will make everything available.
  9. Its a sorry state of affairs in general. I had hoped to start Part 3 this weekend of my Saga.. but have had to delay everything till around the 5/6 th of March. Try and read it Thanks
  10. And after all these years, you still have to have the last word. :lol:
  11. No change then there luv. You havn't changed in the last 50 years at all:violin: Now its the same old song (for those musically inclined)
  12. Do you still get drunk, fight and more importantly, ride a motorbike?
  13. One has gathered that dear (oh dear YOU are my ex wife)
  14. Are you by any chance my ex wife? I'm sure you are (honestly)
  15. A double edit? Just to simplify things for you. Anything to help PriorityOne. These people do not have six years to play with unfortunately. Their first visit should be to their local Probate Office to see if the Will has been lodged there. They also need to state clearly their concerns there and then. Make sure their visit is logged, get the name of the person who dealt with them, and then make an appointment with a Solicitor If the Will is not lodged there then (assuming that there is a Will) Probate has not been applied for. The term Probate is a grey area, and I notice in the various comments on this particular article, various multiples and figures being banded around. You need a concise definition from your Probate Office in relation to figures (cash) and chatels (goods). Do not assume anything. If the Will is not lodged there, and it has either been destroyed or is being deliberately withheld, the situation then enters the Criminal Law area. Be under no doubt, Probate Law, and the dispensing of the Will is a serious area of Family Law. There is a strict pathway with this situation and there is little point in putting the tail before the proverbial Horse. Do the first thing I have suggested, then at least you know in which direction to go. You will find the Probate staff friendly and more than willing to help. This was my experience, and whilst it is only a suggestion, its the first step on your long (and slightly insane as in my case) path Note; by Grey area I do not mean the actual term Probate, but at which point given the value of the Estate, Probate must be applied for. (you will also note the lack of lol's and the term wtf in this reply)
  16. Read my reply in its correct context. Just want to know how you would achieve all this. Nothing more, nothing less. Your answer in this instance is far too simplistic. (with the usual platitude thrown in) I can only assume that WTF is street level nonsense for what is a quite serious site.
  17. Case closed then eh? And I notice that you have still not answered my question. Prey tell me how you would achieve this utopian scenario (in this particular case), especially as she might not even answer the door, or God forbid, even let him in?
  18. PriorityOne Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm interesting comment. Perhaps you would like to explain CLEARLY how she would achieve this? She has no rights to see her Medical Notes and her GP has a duty of Confidentiality. Tell me how you would do it please. I don't assume people are thick, just simple old curiousity. I await, with suspended breath, for your reply ( I won't use the word baited in case you feel its a freudian slip on my part). I find your personal comments about my assumptions (which are basically your assumptions, not mine, about my presumed assumptions) rather childish and totally incorrect.
  19. At the risk of repeating myself, ONCE AGAIN, the duties of an Executor are clearly defined. They are NOT an option, they are MANDATORY. Their duty is to the Estate full stop. This doesn't include theatrics. engaging in a proverbial hissy fit or any other such nonsense. It's the LAW !!!!!!!
  20. Look for part 3 26th/27th February 2011. Should at least make you wince and never, ever deal with the Halifax Bank again (assuming that you do)?
  21. Just to let you know I will be commencing part three of this story over this coming weekend. (26th/27th of February 2011) Its worth reading and might surprise some law abiding people
  22. Just to let you know I will be starting with part 3 of this story over the coming weekend (26th/27th of February 2011) its worth reading and might surprise some law abiding people.
  23. Mentally unsound? Having her removed as an executor, through her behaviour, should be done through a Solicitor. This can be done, provided you have enough clear evidence. An Executor has clear and concise duties. If the Executor involved is not acting as required, by law, an Adminstrator will usually be appointed. See a Solicitor. I managed last year to remove one executor and get an Administrator appointed. Cheap? No Peace of mind? Yes. Depending on the circumstances, its also a cost that could be passed on to the Estate.
  24. Inheritance tax is not the major problem. Its the 7 year ruling and the "gift" element. That's where they could come unstuck. Interesting one though
  25. If you look at my posting, under Halifax Bank beneficiary and executor fraud, you will find a similar situation. I have learned a lot this last two years so maybe I can help you. Read it first and let me know. The other articles on FOS complaints, under my name, breaks it down for easier reading.
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