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  1. Many thanks for your help. It just seems criminal.
  2. Hi, I recently received a telephone call from First Utility. This was in respect of my present tariff which ends at the end of January 2019. I explained that I intended to look around in January for the best deal. When I check my Smart Meter several hours later, I found the meter had been electronically set to zero and had started charging me on new (and more expensive) tariff. I both telephoned and emailed (with photographs) of the new settings and complained. They said within 24 hours it would go back to my old Tariff. Several phoned calls later it is still on the new Tariff and First Utility say that they will adjust the bill in January. Please advise
  3. The thread is relative, although sadly, several individuals seem to have totally misunderstood the purpose behind it. Please close and I will write an article on this issue and the frauds which are being perpetrated on innocent motorists.
  4. The whole point of this post was NOT to ask for advice. It was to warn, and at the same time, advise people to keep their parking tickets (for obvous reasons). (not too sure if you have ever heard of H Division and it's famous tie?)
  5. Let's get the spelling right first. It's pedantic not pa. I have dealt with these clowns for years and all I gave was very simple advice KEEP YOUR TICKET! That the DVLA are complicit is just an afterthought ( read all about clampers and various concessions)
  6. Let's not be pedantic. The advice in relation to this matter was make sure you KEEP your parking ticket (simples eh?) I never, ever pay these clowns !
  7. Excel parking control this particular car park. On the 31st of March this year I parked my vehicle there. On the 10th of April ( 10 days later) I received a. Penalty charge for non-payment of parking on that date. Fortunately I had kept.the ticket which confirmed I had paid. They used every trick in the book to make me pay (all to no avail) If you park in Stockport I suggest you use the Council car parks . I have for years with no problems. Obtaining money by false pretences used to be a crime. Now it's DVLA assisted. MAKE sure you keep your ticket!!
  8. Hi, thanks for your reply. Now I have difficulty in starting a new post/thread. Any suggestions?
  9. What are the exact duties of an Administrator in the execution of a Will? This refers to a situation where the executors cannot agree in the matter of probate.
  10. So if the complaint concerns a Court Appointed Adminstrator and a Solicitor acting on your behalf, where do you go from there?
  11. Have recently checked my profile and all my posting seem to have been deleted. Anybody explain why?
  12. if you read of my experiences with the Halifax Bank (Wills and Probate) you will find that the Halifax Bank totally ignore the law, ignore solicitors letters and refuse to assist even Administrators. The eventual outcome takes several years and the result is rarely satisfactory. They have an answer for everything. Just find another bank and get a new account. My step-daughter, who is severely disabled (brain damage as the result of a car accident) was given an o/d of £2500.00. She could neither afford it and it was never requested. The same bank refused her a loan because of her supposed inability to pay and yet were more than happy to charge her exorbitant o/d fees whilst (unbe-known to me) refusing to let her withdraw her incapacity benefits (a very simple picture of the true facts) Needless to say, after several letters, the use of the Disability Act and the threat of press involvement, the Halifax Bank have withdrawn all threats and (for the time being) gone away. Banks are there purely to make money. There is no such thing as a 'good' Bank. The Halifax, at least for me, is the absolute bottom of these particular feeders.
  13. I assume the grounds for the Caveat being issued was the questionable state of your Father in Laws mental health (at the time this particular Will was drawn up) ? A prepayment of £250 for an initial consultation fee seems rather high. Have you seen or/ have a copy of the previous Will which you suggest was altered/changed? The Medical Records are held by the NHS and a written application should be made to the relevant Doctor/Health Trust for these records. With regard to your Mother In Laws estate. I cannot imagine any funds being released (except for Funeral Costs) by her Bank without a Grant Of Probate. The removal of goods from her property can be seen as diluting the value of the estate (theft; but I wouldn't bother the local constabulary with that nugget) In her case you need to contact the Ministry Of Justice (Probate) and explain your concerns with them. It is amazing how many deaths never, ever get as far as Probate.
  14. Can I respectfully suggest you contact Trading Standards in this matter? I am only repeating exactly what they told me. The end product was the simple fact that these individuals never contacted the person concerned again. Whether right (or wrong) as I have stated in my previous postings it worked. I appreciate all the various comments and also the suggestions that have been made in respect of trading standards. However, the priority is to stop anybody, whether at work, or at home, harassing you. You are welcome to try other legislation and (god help you) the police. That road I really wouldn't go down at all. They are akin to indicators on a submarine. Just trundle down to your local nick with your diary if you feel so inclined. I wouldn't !!!
  15. The letter would obviously state that fact when you send it surely?. You are under NO legal obligation to pay monies ANY debt collector. That is the law like it or not
  16. I contacted my local trading standards office 6 months ago in respect of a relative who was being harassed by this company, literally day and night. I can only say it worked for them (and me). They have not heard another word from this company. In retrospect, a debt collection company has absolutely no rights to collect any money what-soever. Thats the law. They work on a 'smoke and mirrors' basis. Legislation is there to be used correctly. If it means driving certain individuals to distraction, so be it !! It does not alter the fact that it also becomes a civil and possible criminal offence.
  17. Seems that people are getting far to involved with issues which do not pertain to your problem of Harassment by Robinson Way. Secion 40 of the Administration Of Justice Act 1970 makes it unlawful to harass a debtor. ONCE AGAIN, AT THE RISK OF REPEATING MYSELF, contact your local trading standards officer. They will give you a complaint (crime) number. THEN, AND ONLY THEN, write to Robinson Way asking them to stop harassing you. Tell them clearly, quoting your reference number, that all harassment must stop, as and from the date of your letter. If they fail to do so they are commiting a criminal offence. (quote the above act) If it doesn't stop and they continue harassing you, you go back to trading standards and make a formal complaint under the above act.
  18. Can I suggest you contact your local trading standards office? Explain your situation clearly and you will receive a complaint number from them. They will explain the actions you need to take from that point on. Very simple really.( A one stop shop and trust me it works!)
  19. If you look the word up in any dictionary, it seems to convey exactly what fraud pertaining to a deceased individual means..wicked...villainous. Just a few final words on this subject. I never knew a man who could tell so many lies. He had a different story for every pair of eyes. How can he remember who he's talking to? 'Cause I know it ain't me, and I hope it isn't you. Many thanks to Neil Young (1974). Couldn't have put it better myself. Whilst I have promised in the past to print the full story, this has not been possible for legal reasons. This is should be finalised in the coming weeks and then I will submit the story as an article. Many thanks for all those who have helped with advice... but you can't beat a system with so many failings.
  20. Very interesting PriorityOne. I'm sure you will as well !!!!
  21. I intend, firstly, to publish it on here. Not really sure how far I can go on this site (Citizen B?) although everything I will put in writing is documented and verified.. It makes very sobering reading. West Mercia Police have been in the press recently for their use (or abuse) of stop and search powers. Ironic really when you consider their actions in relation to fraud. White collar crime is fine (by definition) God help you if your Black, Asian or any other minority, just walking the streets and minding your own business. The Halifax Bank were in a league of their own. George Orwell would have been hard pushed to make sense of their answer. They claimed that because only one Executor complained, (there were two) they could not be reasonably expected to take any complaint seriously! (you could hardly expect an alledged fraudulent Executor to be in any queue complaining could you?). In all fairness there were some very good people, a fact I've made clear in all my postings, and yet the Law on this issue has still not been altered or clarified as promised many times by various Politicians Nice to see you around PriorityOne (and paying attention lolol)
  22. A fascinating observation. The more you uncover, the less the relevant people want to know....how true !!!
  23. There seems to be something inherently flawed with any organisation that purports to be acting in a consumers interest, and yet is financed and therebye controlled by the very organisations it investigates. My own experienced with fos shows the flaws quite clearly. Whilst I cannot make any comment about French law it seems a very, very complicated situation. As I have said quite clearly in my previous posts, the major problem with any fraud of this nature is the time the individual concerned has to plan it. There is also a lethargy with the Police, who quite frankly, show little or no interest. Solicitors are expensive and, whilst you may be able to prove a lot of what you say, the problem is then getting it to court. In my situation the alledged fraudster has declared he has no assets, only debts (does that ring a bell?) I finally reached a figure of 300k that was missing or unaccounted for. The assets have no doubt been put in somebody elses name and trying to find them is, quite literally, like trying to find the proverbial needle in a haystack. It needs a drastic change in the Law. Promised many, many times by various Politicians but as yet absolutely nothing. My own situation is finally reaching its end and it was a very, very steep learning curve. I intend, in the coming weeks, to reveal in an article on this website what finally happened. I had forged signatures on dozens of cheques, a forged Will, hundreds of thousands of pounds that I could prove were missing and still the police and administrator did absolutely nothing about it (all documented) Think long and hard before you set any (very expensive) ball rolling.
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