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  1. Hi Guys, Some of you may have seen my post in the Employment section regarding a legal dispute i have against a previous employer. However I wanted to show some appreciation for other financial institutions. Firstly, in no way am i trying to take the limelight off of some of your issues with charges etc at the Co-op. However I thought I would share my personal experience with the bank. Sadly I have had some issues, possibly similar to one or two of you here (bankruptcy and struggling to get back on track) I just wanted to say that so far the Co-op have been extremely h
  2. Time Bar hearing later this month. I've got letter from my GP, and my own statement; Anyone know if this will be enough? Trying to get a letter from a Psychiatrist i spoke with; but she has'nt replied to my email Anyone know if I should get some other form of evidence? Please help, completely stressed out with all this
  3. Thanks for your input Caro, I have read over that link, sent my response. But just recently received word that the bank are trying to get my case "Time-barred" Im aware i was outwith the time limits for bringing my case, but the reason was that i was too ill with the depression and anxiety to go forward with such a huge case at that time, the bank are arguing the fact that i raised a grievance therefore should of been able to raise my case against them then, But in all honesty, their poxy grievance was nothing compared to the amount of things ive to do for the Employment Tribunal, th
  4. Guys, Ive just received a letter from the tribunal with the banks response on it, and they are trying to make the tribunal ignore my evidence as apparently i did not attach/include it on the form i filled out online to bring my case to them. I have seven days to respond and panicking so much now..what do i write back..The Judge said he would like my comments on their letter they sent...so does this mean i just give him reason why i didnt attach the forms to begin with (It said online not to attach other documents etc) what else should i do? Does this sort of response mean the ba
  5. Ok, got a response from the court stating under scots law i must bring my claim using a writ or something along those lines. However after briefly speaking to a solicitor, he stated i should give the employment tribunal a go even although its way past the time limits for them to deal with a case (the incident took place around two years ago) Amazingly, the tribunal came back to me and said that they will hear my case...firstly, do you guys think this is a positive sign? Does this mean the tribunal believe that my case is fairly strong? I was considering representing myself but i
  6. They shouldnt refuse an appeal as its a basic right, however if they do not change their initial decision you should then go through the process of an ET
  7. Hi there Mole, Terrible situation you are in, Truth is the best defence or something along those lines is what lawyers say lol But anyway, to try and help you get some sleep do the following : Write to the company, and detail that you feel you have done nothing wrong and not committed any crime, however if they feel you have (theft) then you kindly request that they contact the police to take the investigation further; also by law you are not required to provide them with half the things they asked for.. al ie detector test?! Who do they think they are for goodness sake. But an
  8. In terms of lieu payments, you need to refer to your contract, some give 4 weeks, others 2 months; but a general thing is that accrued holiday pay is also paid on top of any lieu payment Constructive dismissal is an option, however as previously stated, because you are entering into new employment it would be quite a small sum id imagine. Of course this doesnt make the companies behaviour acceptable; so at the end of the day it is up to yourself
  9. What Pat says is spot on, very good advice.. also, if i remember correctly..you have the right to view the CCTV footage if this is to be used as part of the evidence for your dismissal. Again, wait until you have been formally served the notice of dismissal before going down the tribunal route, but it may be prudent to ask if you can see the CCTV footage. Again as Pat says, in an ET; the evidence has to stand up to intense scrutiny; they will take into account whether there is any audio; they are not going to say "Bang, yes the company is right just because they show us a fussy CCTV
  10. Eyeball...thats great for you and very glad you have such an understanding manager, but not all managers are like this sadly, ive had first hand experience. Agatha, i would go via your GP, they can refer you to an Occupational Therapist; that way you dont need to disclose too much to work at the moment until you get some more advice etc. Hope this helps
  11. Thanks for the input guys; typing up PoC as we speak...gonna pop some of that in there too Caro, v handy...now just gotta figure out how to place it in the right bit lol; will keep you updated, fingers crossed i win my case guys
  12. bump Shamelessly bumping as in dire need of some help If anyone has links to a well constructed PoC or any advice its more than welcome
  13. bump Shamelessly bumping as in dire need of some help If anyone has links to a well constructed PoC or any advice its more than welcome
  14. Hmmm, sounds a bit strange; but id try and see what they offer you in terms of a redundancy package. Case is okish atm, obviously my employer is denying any wrongdoing, so off to court, just need to file the papers; going to see my lawyer 2moz so wish me luck >_
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