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  1. Hi all update time my form 4 hearing is less than a week away now next friday to be exact. Ok I said watch this space cos its gunna get very interesting I have what I believe executed my final bombshell of an ace up my sleeve Remember Im complaining in part because The bailiff failed to leave a form 7 notice of siezure and inventory of good at the time he levied a car on my drive. However some time later along with my subject access request I did recieve a photocopy of a form 7 that Equita say is a copy of the one filled out and posted through my door at the time of levy Now Im damn sure t
  2. Hello there you need to send them another request head it letter before action you must give them a further 7 days after that you can complain to the information commitioners office Good luck
  3. Hello fellow cagers sorry im not posting as often as I was however here is an update on my battle with the bailiffs After the directions meeting both I and the bailiff were instructed to send to each other and the court any witness statements that we wanted to include at the form 4 hearing that has now been done my Wife and son both had a little to input on the matter and the bailiff has replied to their statements now if I can ask you all to cast your minds way back to when I started this war I was saying that it was my belief that equita had commited fraud against me over the conduct of
  4. Hi every one found out what this directions meeting is all about I was told by some one at the court its simply a meeting between me the bailiff and the judge so as the judge can understand the whole case better as it seems quite complex and decide how long the formal form 4 hearing is likely to take wish me luck im due to attend this monday I will as allways keep you all posted
  5. Ok Karpoozi you need to listen and reply to tomtubby she is your best bet here it sounds like Equita has applied there normal ileagal ENFORCEMENT FEE they can NOT do this and you must persue this just dont let them in and dont pay them a penny good luck keep us posted
  6. Hi all just a quick update I have heard back from the court that certificated the bailiff that I complaining about and geuss what the judge that looked at it believe's that there is something for the bailiff to answer to so I have been given a date to attend court from what the lady said on the phone this is just a "resolve meeting" I geuss to see if we can sort it before it goes any further. I will know more when I recieve the letter on Monday will post back again then .
  7. Hello and wellcome first of all you have found the right place second dont panick now for starters Im pretty damn sure that the Equita bailiff will have hiked up the amount that you have to pay with what he will call an "enforcement fee" if he has this is not allowed spend some time today reading the forums here and you will begin to feel better educate yourself thier are things bailiffs can and cant do and one of them is just to turn up and remove your goods its not as simple as that but he's hopeing you dont know this on monday ring him again and ask him exactly how the amount is made up be
  8. Hi can I ask has a bailiff ever been in your home also what area do you live in im sure you are aware if no bailiff has ever been in your property and has not levied on a car outside then all they can charge is first and second visit fee witch amounts to £42.50
  9. Hi all Im back been away a couple of weeks Form 4 has gone in and Equita replied with yet more untruthes and in acurate statements now I have sent my confirmation that I wish to proceed with my form 4 so now I just sit back and wait for the court to decide if I need a hearing will keep you all posted.
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