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  1. Bit of a long shot this one but following my success against NatWest i feel like i am on a roll. In 2003 my wife bought a Kia and we paid for this on finance over 3 years. We are not sure if these repayment included a PPI but we feel they may have considering what goes on elsewhere. The problem is the dealers from whom we bought the car no longer trading. The question is would we have a claim against Kia Finance as a: they did not directly sell us the finance and b: are we still within the time limit. Thanks in anticipation.
  2. Apologies if this is posted in the wrong place or has been asked before. Last week i tried to top up my tmobile pay as you go mobile broadband and was not able to do so. Also when i tried to connect to the internet with part of the £7.70 credit i still had on my card i was not able. On contacting tmobile i was told that i gone over their 180 days (i think) limit of no activity on my account and it had been suspended. I must admit i wasn,t aware of this limit although it is there in their T&Cs as i presume it is with all phone company,s. Fair enough to tmobile they did reinstate
  3. Hi again. Just an update as to where i am now with the Natwest. They have offered a payment of just over £1800 with the settlement date of 28/2/11. This apparently has been calculated by adding 8% to my first payment on 21/8/97 of £10.16 which gave me interest of £11 to 28/2/11 and so on down to the last payment of £10.24 on 21/1/07 which paid interest of £3.36 to 28/2/11. I am presuming these figures are about right unless anyone can advise differently.
  4. DJ, That is outstanding and way beyond any advice i was expecting.It is within a couple of hundred pounds of how i had worked it out. Given my maths skills that is no mean feat on my part. I will probably now sign the acceptance form, after the weekend, from the FSO although i am a bit concerned that during a chat on the phone with the adjudicator she had said that the figure would probably be around £1700 which more or less corresponds with your figures but without the interest from investing the total since 2006.It was also stated that if i did not agree with the settlement figure
  5. Hi DJ, thanks for sticking with me on this. I can give you some approximate figures from memory as we have nothing on paper now. The mis-sold PPI was on a small mortgage we started to pay in Aug 1997 and the best that we can remember is that the payments for the PPI were as near as damn it £10 a month. We paid up the mortgage early, again roughly, in May 2006. I dont know if i am right in this but my way of working this out would be that by investing £10 a month at 8% from Aug 1997 to May 2006 and then reinvesting that sum to the settlement date again at 8% to find the final fig
  6. Hidj1971, thanks for your reply. The case is in the hands of the FSO and has been for over a year now and at this stage is being handled by one of the adjudicators and it would appear they have found in my favour. I quote from the letter from the FSO. "When we find that a policy such as yours was mis-sold we usually ask the business to put you in the position you would have been if the policy had not been sold. We would expect this to be by refunding to you the premiums you paid for the policy as well as interest at a rate of 8% simple per year, from the date you paid the first premi
  7. A few month ago i put up a thread regarding imo a missold PPI. Originally nw made a derisory offer to repay a percentage of what i had paid plus 8% simple interest. Following advice from here, for which i am grateful, i refused this offer and after a couple of more derisory offers they have now agreed to repay all my premiums and interest at 8% simple per annum. Although i am happy they have agreed to repay me i am a bit confused about the term "simple interest". Originally i demanded compound interest on my monthly payments and just wondered if i am much worse off accepting simple or hol
  8. Well not quite the offer i was hoping for. Bank Fodder it is as if you can predict the future. They were prepared, through a letter from the FOS, to refund any premiums i have paid during the last 6 years from the date i made my complaint with an interest rate of 8% simple, whatever that means. As the policy had run its course about 3 years ago they would only be refunding between 3-4 years payments of a 10 year policy. I politely declined! Looks like this may go the distance.
  9. Hi folks. Last year i posted this thread regarding what i thought was a mis-sold PPI http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/natwest-bank/200921-nat-west-mortgage-protection.html#post2186244 Today out of the blue i got a phone call from the FSO stating that the RBS/NW were willing to make me an offer. Just wondered what the forum think i should accept, from reading other threads it would appear the first offer is usually turned down and negotiations take place. I have no idea what to expect. IIRC we were paying something like £10 per month for the 10 years we had the PPI but
  10. Thanks again. How long do the bank have to provide this info and do they charge.
  11. Hi Steven, thanks for the welcome. No i don,t have the docs now so i cant answer your question about exclusion. I am still waiting for NW to respond. Would my next step be to ask them for a copy of docs. I wasn,t to happy about not being able to cancel though.
  12. Hi folks - my 1st post - just after some opinions and reassurance. I am 11 weeks into trying to reclaim what i believe was a mis-sold mortgage protection policy from N W which was taken out in 1997 and was to run for 10 years. The mortgage was taken out with N W as we had a business account with them at the time as my wife and i were publicans . So we were self employed at the time and N W were aware of this. In fact the policy was sold to us on this basis, although the policy only covered me and not my wife. Shortly after gaining the mortgage we left the pub trade but i continued to
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