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  1. I think the business man may be wrong indeed because even if I make a transaction during the weekend and then check a cash machine breakdown statement slip or Online banking. it shows a the amount as deducted form the total balance thus not allow one to get overdrawn. And I would imagine this for shopping also. So How come Natwest can apply a different law unto themselves and overdraw me is the a Loop hole there?
  2. Can it be explained to me How Natwest have managed to Overdraw my account when it has a limit on it. e.g I cant overdraw my account via cash machine, shops etc so how did they manage to do it and charge me a fortune
  3. I am very sorry for that Information. I am just in a bad way after Natwest have financially raped me
  4. is that Customers Relations Unit? Is is so not yet as I have only gone into me local branch and they decline the refund...even though its Clearly their fault
  5. Look I have asked them Twice and now they will create excuses to Fob you off!! at times tell Damm Lies to avoid refunding your Hard earned Cash. I mean £28 Maintainance Charge is absolutely Ridiculous
  6. Close the account and dont pay them their money
  7. I am going ton be Charged £28 and £14 interest on the 19 June ? Ridiculous [problem]...I am sorry What is the Normal Way to reclaim my £53 Charges atm. Thanks
  8. Natwest have confirmed that They do not have an address on File for me for some reason they didnt say. I also I had no preadvice statments sent out to me cause of this. Also I argued point (1)with them as you said, But they are telling Lies that I Opted to receive my " Bank Statements Online" within the Online Banking and that I also clicked not to receive statements though the post which is Total Bullshoot! As I discovered once I logged in to the Online banking after the argument. Come 2 think of it only Online Banking have access to such information not the Frigg
  9. Yes I have Online Banking Facility. But actually it seems weird I haven't received my bank statements for 4months. Natwest told me in that conversation that they some how didn't have an address for me on File? that I need to Fill Forms in branch again. Seems Weird as that my Parents address and I have lived there for like 10years
  10. the charge was exactly £25.20 twice, weeks after the interest day used to overdraw me again
  11. They said the interest day changed from End of each Month to 21st of Each month. But I was not notified of this change in the post. They Lied that I Opted for Online Banking so All my Correspondence would Cease! and I would only received Online Statements. I checked Online Banking page After the Call to check wheather I Opted out Only to discover that I had never Clicked on any thing to Stop receive paperless statements? Therefore I am not liable for the 2nd Charge on the 21st May as it was not notified to me as in the terms and Conditions stated. they Still did not Barge.
  12. NATWEST ARE OVERDRAWING MY ACCOUNT! I am 5yrs Existing Nat west Customer. I have a Current Plus acct with them and £1000 Overdraft. I have never used an overdraft before and after 6mnths of having it I decided to use it. (statement below) 30March balance -£989. 31March -£15 interest 31Match balance -£1004 overdrawn 1April +salary £500 . . . 20 April balance -£987 21April -£15 interest 21April -£25.5 charge Maintainance Fee(31March) 21April balance -£1027.5 overdrawn 22April
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