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    Thanks Phil!! I knew it was me! , It must be due to the excitement of calculating the last 6 years charges! It was an abbreviation from 'karnevil' who responded to my questions yesterday!
  2. Kathie

    Kathie V Abbey

    Thanks to karnevil and welly - useful info - and must start using unlawful instead of illegal! I know I must sound stupid but what does DCA stand for?? It would certainly be good to get the interest and charges frozen...I did mention this to Abbey but to no avail! I'll let you know how I get on with my calcualtions!
  3. Hi - I am about to check my statements and complete the excel spread sheet - However I have a couple of questions that I hope someone can help me answer - Question 1 - I had an overdraft - so can I claim for the monthly interest charged to my account? Question 2 - My figures will not be completely up to date as they are still charging me interest daily - should I mention that in my letter to Abbey? My account has been closed by the Abbey ( several weeks ago) - and now being passed to a debt collection agency - as they seem to ignore my letter and telephone calls stating the account is in dispute - But I'll deal with that at a later stage! I have had a gap as no internet and did not want to send incorrect letters - I'm now back online - and pressing on - intend to send the next letter along with a schedule of interest on Monday 21st August - I would be interested to hear from anyone else at this stage with the Abbey - And Soooo appreciate this site! - without your help I would not have a clue the best way to approach this - I was made redundant in April and still unemployed so maybe I can pay off my overdraft with the refund of illegal charges................and donate a small amount to this site to keep it going for others!
  4. Congratulations - I adding up my chrges now - I was worried about working out compounded interest but think I will just list it as you have done and see what happens - I ahve been told to send to Alan Betts Head of Unsecured Debt Management - at Grafton Gate East - is this who you dealt with?? Thanks - and ...I know its a daft question but how do you start a new thread? I.m having a bad day! Kathie
  5. Kathie V Abbey Hi I have not had internet access for a while - So now I'm back on the trail! - I received my statements from Abbey and am now about to check all of them - However they have contacted me and said my account is going to an outside debt agency - although I have said verbally and in writing that the account is in dispute they will not confirm they agree and just seem to be following their normal procedures -! - my account is now nearly £400 over the agreed overdraft limit all caused by charges - I'm going to search through templates library as I'm unsure if the next step - for the best format for my next letter and best way to calculate the amounts - but any advice or tips would be helpful - I don't have an income at the moment as I was made redundant in April - should I tell Abbey this or is it irrelevant at this stage as my account cannot be used?? Thanks
  6. My scanner is not working so I will type in relevant info - you will see from my previous threads that I have sent DPA letter twice! - letter of response from Abbey dated 3rd July 2006 - They say my account is not in dispute - quote - 'I have noticed you believe your account to be in dispute. However, as previously explained the charges on your account have been applied in accordance with your account Terms and Conditions. as far as we are concerned. the balance owing on your account is therefore not in dispute' unquote - Please can anyone help me with the response to this? Also - in the same letter in response to my chasing the statements - quote ' I understand you have requested copies of statements of your account for the last 6 years. I would like to advise you that under the Data protection Act request, you will receive the transactions that we currently hold on our systems. These will be forwarded to you free of charge within 40 days. Any earlier transactions have been archived onto microfiche, which is not covered by The Date Prptection Act. These archived transactions will not therefore be supplied under a data protection Act request and will not be subject to the 40 day ruling' -Unquote I read on the forum that micriofiche had been used as a delaying tactic previously - but at a much later stage in proceedings. I sent a £10 postal order ( as they have stopped my cheque book and debit card) with my original DPA letter which they have not acknowledged in this letter, only receipt of a copy sent a week later! I sent it by recorded delivery and have telephone confirmation that it was received and sent via internal mail to The Case Team. Are they just stalling and not informing me that £10 payment will ensure they will have to give me all the info? I want to reply and tell them that they are in receipt of this £10 - but also now not sure of my rights and how best to word the reply - please advise - I have also received 12 envelopes which I assume to be 12 months statements - so I am 5 years short! I'm away for ten days from tomorrow so really want to e mail them a response prior to that. Thanks in advance - I'm not giving up!
  7. Thanks for that - I just wanted to make sure before I sent the e mail - If no response then I will send a firmer letter I'll keep in touch and let me know how your claim proceeds too.
  8. Have you received your statements - I am being stalled big time
  9. finally figured out how to start a new thread..I am losing it! My story so far ( abbreviated) 8th June - sent DPA letter and £10 Recorded Delivery- followed up with calls - been forwarded to The Case Team Bradford several calls later..... 28th June - The Case Team informed me they have a backlog of 3/5 weeks and can't confirm receipt until the statements have been sent out to me???? They advised me to call back in 3 weeks! - that will be when my 40 days has expired has anyone else had this?? it is ridiculous - how can I get them to confirm receipt? - also 8th June copy also sent to Allen Betts Head of Unsecured Debt Mangement and Abbey Form stating I had destroyed my debit card and chq book as they had requested - Both letters stapled together. 12th June telephoned - they only had the form not my letter! 16th June - sent copies to Allen Betts by Recorded Delivery and also letter stating as account was in dispute they could not send to credit agency ( thanks to CAG advice) - 21st June - received letter offering £110 ( less than half of last months charges that put me £270 over my overdraft!) - still no mention of my letters. 23rd June - Called Unsecured Debt Management no record of my letter I am now in process of responding via e mail to letter received from Megan Webster, Customer Resolutions Manager - attaching all letters and informing her the 7 days has elapsed since my letter to Allen Betts dated 16th June. Please advise - I feel they are stalling
  10. Well done! I read your posts last time I was logged in and felt inspired and scared! Think I might possibly be asking for help from the forum DPA letter sent to Abbey 8th June Letter requesting no action to be taken against as account in dispute sent 16th June - thanks for Template CAG No response although they are in receipt of the letters as I checked the recorded delivery and suprise suprise they sent a letter dated 19th June re offering £110 they had previously offered! which is half of 1 months charges! No references to either of my letters! As I was made redundant 3 months ago and funds are low - calling 0845 numbers is not a good idea - is it worthwhile to e mail to obtain a response? If so who? Am I using the Forum correctly - seems I can only respond to one person - but would also like to just send messages to Abbey National customers in general - can't see how to send new post..........I think 3 months off work is taking its toll on my brain maybe? Any info or advice please?
  11. Thanks for the reply - Its amazing that Alan Betts department are in receipt of the form I returned confirming I would destroy my cheque book and card but not the copy of the DPA letter......they were stapled together in the same envelope! On that note - are they allowed to enforce non use of these? it seemed irrelevant so I complied - I cant use the account anyway. I'm calling to check my recorded delivery was received today and also calling Milton Keynes back prior to sending them the letter informing them they cannot refer me to a debt collecting agency. Its amazing how much we let them get away with as we assume they will be honest and follow the law!......Well not for much longer! I'll keep you informed -
  12. First letter sent 7th June requesting list of charges - have been an abbey customer for 25 years - The latest charges put me £270 over my overdraft limit - they have stooped my debit card and cheque book and today told me the account is awaiting an agent. The DPA letter was sent to Triton Square as I believe this is where the data is held. I also sent a copy to Allen Betts , Head of Unsecured Debt Management. However a telephone call today revealed they had received the form enclosed confirming I had destroyed my debit card but no record of the copy of DPA letter....funny that? If anyone has any advise for me at this stage I would be grateful - otherwise I am awaiting my long list of statements for the last 6 years!
  13. Abbey National - DPA letter sent 7th June 2006 - sent to Triton Square and copy to Allen Betts Head of Unsecured Debt Management - Central Milton Keynes. Milton Keynes have no record of receipt and are putting my account in the hands of a debt collection agency. Does anyone have any advice ? should I send another letter of explanation or just follow the course of action reclaiming charges? they have stopped my account as it is over the overdraft limit ( yes caused by the charges which they refused to refund ) Thanks Kathie
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