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  1. Thank you so much everyone for your help. Does this look like a suitable reply to send back to them? WITHOUT PREJUDICE Dear sir or madam, Further to your letter dated 18 July, your telephone call and your text message, all received today, I kindly refer you back to correspondence between myself and Lloyds TSB dating back to the periods between March 2009 and December 2009. I have asked Lloyds TSB to provide me with a true copy of any agreement. However, to date they have only produced a reconstituted copy that I believe does not represent a true copy of any agreement th
  2. Thanks for the feedback, all. To address the points made, the only explanation for not providing me with a copy of my agreement is that they say that they couldn't find it. Their three letters to me on this matter are as follows: The first letter that was sent to me, was on 22 July 2009. This letter said: Dear Mr Todd, Thank you for your letter dated 19 June 2009 I am sorry but we are currently unable to provide you with copies of your Loan Agreement Documents; however we can provide you with the information that you require:- Loan Amount: £xxx
  3. Hi, Sorry for the long story, but I am hoping that if I give the full facts, someone might be able to direct me on what, if anything, I should do. I took out a loan with Lloyds in 2001 which I paid on time for three years, but then following the break up of my marriage I got into financial difficulties and had to go on to reduced payments. However, Lloyds continued to charge me late payment fees, despite my being in constant contact with them, and the balance continued to rise. I eventually wrote to Lloyds in 2009 asking them to provide me with a copy of the agreement. I a
  4. I've been having similar issues with Arrow Global and Banner Jones. Banner Jones have sent me three letters so far, the first on 15 February and the last dated 15 March (received today). I have managed to find out that Banner Jones are the solicitors for Close Credit Management Ltd.
  5. OK. Now I'm confused. I sent the SAR and postal order to the Mortimer Street address, by recorded delivery, as this is the correspondence address shown on their Consumer Credit Licence. A week later, this has still not been signed for. At the same time, I wrote to their Manchester address, which their CCL shows as their principal place of business, with a covering letter stating that this is a copy of the letter sent to their correspondence address. The letter to their Manchester Office has been received and signed for. Does anyone know where I now stand? Royal Mail tracking sho
  6. I've now found it (5875306). The current correspondence address is 57-61 Mortimer Street, London W1W 8HS. Thanks for guiding me to the CCL to get the address, Rebel.
  7. Having researched, I can only find a Consumer Credit Licence for Arrow Global Limited (#0578436), but nothing for Arrow Global Receivables Management. Should the latter company need a CCL too?
  8. Hi, Does anyone have an address to send a SAR to Arrow Global. My story is that I had a loan with Universal Credit in the late 1990s, but got into difficulty when my ex-wife and I separated. Paragon took over the debt and verbally agreed to freeze interest, but it appears that they never did and the balance of the loan is now substantially larger than the amount I borrowed. The loan has subsequently (apparently) been assigned to Arrow Global. I have sent in a CCA request and have been given a copy of the agreement. Apparently the line in the Terms & Conditions that says the
  9. Hi. I had a loan with Universal Credit that I took out in 1997. To summarise, I got into financial difficulties when my marriage broke up, the debt was transferred into Paragon. I had a dispute with Paragon over charges (they had agreed to freeze interest - naively I did this verbally and subsequently found that they hadn't and denied the arrangement). The loan was then sold to Arrow Global who have passed it to various DCAs, the latest of which were Fredrickson & Bryan Carter. I sent a CCA request and got a copy of the agreement. I then sent a SAR, which I addressed to Arrow Glo
  10. That's disappointing. I was hoping that the Data Proctection Act Disclosure would provide me with some protection about the ability of the debt to have been sold to a third party, in that it reads "Universal Credit will not disclose confidental information about you to any person or body outside the Lloyds TSB Group unless we have your consent or are required by law to make disclosure. We will only exchange and disclose information within the Lloyds TSB Group to enable us to review your total relationship with us, for credit control purposes or for marketing purposes." To me, that says th
  11. Not that I remember. If I did, it was many, many months ago (certainly over a year ago), but even that far back I don't remember receiving one.
  12. Sorry to keep bumping. Please could someone have a look at my agreement for me? Many thanks, Sweeney
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