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  1. we are planning that! thanks does anyone know if it is actually illigal, to have not contacted us after nearly 5 days to notify us?
  2. its seems to have been towed by the council, as it is in the local car pound, but have had not notification or a pcn!
  3. Hi All, This is my first post, and i wanted to see what you all thought. my boyfriends car has been towed, it was parked by a dropped kerb on a road with no restrictions, when we parked there was a rough spray painted line, and i mean mostly worn away bit of spray paint! we have thames water digging the roads around us, and there are bits of spray painted lines all over all the roads, we went to get the car today, and found that it had been towed on monday! no notice or anything had been sent in the post or even contacted at all! is this legal and should they have towed it without
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